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  1. It's probably been said enough, but this song is the epitome of EPIC rock!!! The whole beginning almost sounds like something straight out of some pro rock group's album, and it totally caught me off guard in a good way. When those guitars come in though, and excuse my language for this, I just have an eargasm. It feels as though there's pent up emotion and resolve within this music, and it totally brings out the awesomeness in anything. Please keep on making awesome music like this. Again, EPIC AWESOMENESS SANDWICH OF SOUND!
  2. Man, I registered yesterday so I could comment on music like yours. I want to say thank you for such an awesome remix!! I downloaded it yesterday and put it on a cd for the car, and when I listened to it today, I nearly cried man. The lyrics really related to me in a deep way. So ya, thanks for an awesome remix. It meant something to me.
  3. As my first post ever, I would just like to request that someone do an EPIC remix of His World. Please?
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