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  1. If you mix on ipod headphones it will sound good through them but have serious flaws if you listen to it through anything else. What good recording engineers do is mix on a high quality set of speakers with the flattest response they can get and then use different speakers, headphones and shitty car stereos as references to see how it sounds on different systems and make minor tweaks and adjustments from there. Alls I'm saying is people serious about music production don't mix on headphones.
  2. I don't know if you've ever been into a recording studio or not but I've been in about 2 dozen in my time. People that are serious about music production simply don't mix on headphones and with very good reason. Also with near field monitors the room doesn't matter quite as much because the direct sound is reaching you first and the reflections don't have as great a colouring effect on the sound. Nothing in general will give you the flat curve you need unless you're prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars but least of all headphones. Don't listen to me, look at the professionals who actually record, mix and master music for a living.
  3. I play guitar, bass, drums and synth. I'd say that in itself matches my personality
  4. My advice is go see an audiologist and get your hearing tested and get some custom made earplugs. Also you should mix on speakers if you can, headphones are worse for your hearing than speakers plus if you're mixing speakers have a more accurate frequency response.
  5. Awesome thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with you I'll probably re-do it and try and get a better structure and improve the recording quality too. I'm pretty poor at arranging and creating structure with things I create.
  6. 32nd notes only work in classical music and flamenco. Have to have the tempo to justify the speed.
  7. The reason the sweeping doesn't work: that song is what somewhere between 100-120 bpm? doing sweeping and playing a fast solo in a song that is not above about 210bpm doesn't work. I mean you can do it but it's inevitably going to be musically a bankrupt display of technique, style over substance.
  8. No see you've got it all wrong. I'm not looking to program some drum machines and cheesy bass lines and whack a distortion pedal over my vocals, that's the easy cheesy way out. I play real drums I play real guitar I play real bass And I play real grind. There will be no sequencing involved, strictly real instruments.
  9. Sorry buddy no offense when I say cheesy metal I'm talking about all the stuff you just posted. This is what I had in mind: It's a good start! bit too twiddly though Just going through all the boss themes, ninja gaiden is another candidate.
  10. Sorry I'm going to be really critical: all the keys and synths are super cheesy 90's MIDI (I realise that's kinda the norm with prog metal but still) Sweeping was just an excuse to show off and adds nothing musically to the song Drum machine is stiff as a brick, can't do this style of music properly without a real drummer (sorry) The mid breakdown is a bit misguided The ending didn't really work wasn't a good transition. But aside from hating prog metal and all things cheese I think the general arrangement and direction you were going for is for the most part pretty good. The main section certainly works great but as soon as you wander off it kinda gets distracted.
  11. What's with all the dubstep, cheesy metal and 1990 MIDI stuff going around, let's get brutal guys. I need a NES tune that would work as a grind song, hit me up with suggestions. so far the only one I can think of is the boss theme from batman and blaster master. Hit me up.
  12. As a drummer the clashing time signatures are really getting to me. The melody just isn't resolving properly, kinda feels like it's been inserted over the top of everything else.
  13. There don't always need to be drops To give you an idea this one of my main influences: but I do agree it kinda does drag along a bit... maybe I should start the pads earlier lol.
  14. This is just a little ditty I whipped up today, it's a lo-fi psychedelic/minimal wave(ish) kinda rendition of Brinstar (red soil). It wasn't easy making super metroid even darker and lonelier but I gave it a pretty good shot. I sincerely doubt there are very many remixes like it on this site and therefore I doubt many of you will like or get it but any feedback is welcome. http://soundcloud.com/annelid/annelid-brinstar-tripping I kinda imagine it'd be what it was like if Samus stopped shooting all them metroids for a while and just sat down and ate some brinstar mushies with those animal friends that teach her how to shinepark. Oh yeah and I should mention a bit about the recording process, Recorded on an 8 track cassette tape machine, had to turn dbx noise cancellation on so it does some weird compressing things with the drum sounds sometimes. I put delay on literally everything some things got extreme delay others subtle. The drums are a briefcase and a plastic toolbox covered with a beach towel and they actually sound amazing dry without any effects (recorded with an sm57) Synth is a roland RS-09
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