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  1. eargasm @ 1:57 i can't believe this came so close to rejection... i dread to imagine what other great work has been rejected great remix!
  2. ughh i'm so passionate about this ost and there's a few tracks there i'd love to remix... but i got no idea lol good luck with this, bahamut
  3. the first page has... the most recent posts??? i been downloading for at least 5 years lol darkesword's pearl diver is what originally got me mad keen used to only go to vgmix (and download, not post) and only even look at mixes in the top 2 or 3 tiers... remember that, they had all the mixes listed in order of best to worst lolol dabbled in fruityloops, here's my masterpiece, brace yourself i live in melbourne australia.... uhhhh the end
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