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  1. I was directed by a friend of mine to this quote and it made me lol. I really hope this wasn't a serious statement. ;-)

    If it was, I'd like for you to stop being so quick to assume things. For the record: I'm still making remixes from time to time and still submitting them (albeit not nearly as often as I used to). I admit I've grown away from OCR to a degree to concentrate on personal original music, improving my craft, as well as real life happenings.

    To anybody who wanted to believe this, just wanted to clarify things :)

    No, it wasn't serious. I also didn't seriously believe that Emunator is busy with Dixie Kong and that Flexstyle is busy with Kiddie Kong (at least I sincerely hope not). Like Gario said, we just don't see enough of you anymore. :(

  2. Don't worry guys, I got this. #1 OCR gossiper right here.

    halc is not participating because he is scared of losing again.

    Willrock is not participating because he's a judge now and forgot how to remix right proper.

    TGH is not participating because he thinks he's too good for OCR now.

    Emunator is not participating because he is busy with Dixie Kong.

    Flexstyle is not participating because he is busy with Kiddy Kong


  3. Ya know, these compos are all in good fun. There's really no ballot stuffing; all RadioSEGA did was give support and publicize the compo. I fail to see how that's a bad thing.

    Oh come on. A ton of brand new users show up, all with Sonic usernames or avatars (one even with RadioSEGA in his name), and they all vote for Rexy. Something tells me that none of them even contemplated voting for Amphibious. How is that not ballot stuffing? That's the definition of ballot stuffing!!

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