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  1. Plovianx Beautiful Bloody Bats (Dark Necrobat in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) We are Many, We are One (Boomer Kuwanger in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Tortured by Dreams (Flame Stag in Gate's Laboratory [X6])
  2. plovianx Straight Outta RAGE (Flame Stag in Sigma Palace X8) Requiem for a Reploid (Shield Sheldon in Sigma Palace [X8]) Leap of Faith (Vanishing Gungaroo in Sigma Palace [X8])
  3. plovianx Wrong Boss Room (Burn Dinorex in Final Weapon [X4]) Space Base (Shining Hotaronicus in Final Weapon [X4]) Release the Kraken (Volt Kraken in Final Weapon [X4])
  4. plovianx Wanderforce (Gravity Antonion in Palace Ground [X]) Electric Moves & Cephalopod Grooves (Volt Kraken in Palace Ground [X]) My Beerly Beerloved (Blizzard Buffalo in Palace Ground [X])
  5. Well, the enthusiasm in the room is palpable. To spice things up, I'll be taking bets on the number of no-shows per round. I'm currently giving 9-1 odds on 100% participation for this current round.
  6. No, it wasn't serious. I also didn't seriously believe that Emunator is busy with Dixie Kong and that Flexstyle is busy with Kiddie Kong (at least I sincerely hope not). Like Gario said, we just don't see enough of you anymore.
  7. Hey, can we wrap this one up since Theory of N signed up for that new FL compo that starts on December 16?
  8. I think the album hasn't been released yet because The Crystal Key is Broken. I think I saw Theophany Breaking the Crystal Key. Is someone checking into that?
  9. Alright, so when is this championship thing gonna happen?
  10. Am I the only one that is hearing Sir_NutS's song as a lot of static?
  11. It's interesting that, even though so many people have commented on how close their vote was on the WildFire/Ben Briggs matchup, nearly everyone has voted for Benjamin Briggs. I guess it's not as close as people say
  12. Hey, don't blame me, it's on your OCR artist profile page.
  13. Nice, lucky number 24! C'mon, we can get 8 more, right??
  14. Using this source, I challenge someone to top this song or this song.
  15. Sorry about the scare! Although, there's usually a few week long recruitment period even if Darke was starting this one now.
  16. I was trying to draw some attention to it. We've only had one of these, and this one is what drew me into the community to begin with!
  17. Now that the Sonic compo is winding down... GMRB 2012?
  18. Oh come on. A ton of brand new users show up, all with Sonic usernames or avatars (one even with RadioSEGA in his name), and they all vote for Rexy. Something tells me that none of them even contemplated voting for Amphibious. How is that not ballot stuffing? That's the definition of ballot stuffing!!
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