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  1. Really nice initiative, this man is a legende and should absolutely have more fans. I ofcourse have already liked everything and just the mere thought that one lucky person is going to meet him, is just, wauw.
  2. This particular ReMix was the first one that have ever gotten to me in a sentimental kind of way. I have been scouting this site for a long time now (not beeing a member untill now, dont ask why, cause I really dont know) and nothing in here, NOTHING drove the feelings of pure brillancy yet strangely sorrow into my head, like this piece. Everything from your voice (which is amazing) to the simple strokes on the guitar and the nice use of the theme from the game is just taking this... this masterpiece to a whole new level of ReMixing. I hope that we will be hearing more from you, and once aga
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