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Status Updates posted by Mazedude

  1. New original soundtrack released! I am very pleased to share my music for MazeQuest 3, a hybrid collection of Western (yes, Cowboys and Indians) and chiptune elements, all built within a tracker, post-processed in ProTools, and featuring zyko on guitar. Enjoy!

    Listen Now


  2. American Pixels, my long-awaited sequel to The American Album, is now live on Kickstarter. 'nuff said.


  3. Enjoying Arecibo Radio, good stuff... fyi, feel free to play any of these if you're looking for material for your next chiptune show: http://mazedude.bandcamp.com/album/star-spangled-chips

  4. Ooh, say, if OCAD wants to chit chat with ol' Mazedude about his epic new project - http://americanpixels.com - I'd be game. :)

  5. Say, what's the timeline looking like for the BadAss project? I'm interested in doing Saren's theme.

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