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    I am an inventor currently working on bring my invention to market: http://www.aquaoptics.net
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    Andrew Buczko
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    Electronic Technician

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    rythem sticks :)

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  1. Making Youtube videos of rockets

  2. Hello I wanted to share a project with you guys that I've been working on at Tiny Circuits, It's a Tiny Arcade. I do a lot of the rework for this company and I also help with running booths for shows. We made a kickstarter so that we can build them all at once to save coast, and we already hit our goal: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kenburns/tiny-arcade-a-retro-tiny-playable-game-cabinet When we first made the Tiny OLED screen we didn't think that customers would make this microcontroller into the worlds smallest Game system. The games that are out don't have sound yet but the newer microcontroller that we are making has built in sound Hopefully this doesn't come off as just spam, I do know how to play the piano, I just never have time for collaborations. Thanks Andy / calvinthtedestroyer
  3. I just like to say how much I like this site, can't believe it's been what? 15 years?
  4. I use a set of these speakers from MCM Electronics for my ZR76 synth: http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/80-492 Very nice high and low end sound, and very durable too.
  5. Remember that game Food Fight for the Atari were if you did a great run of flinging food in the chef's faces the game would do an instant replay? I would like to learn the song that plays during the instant replay. -Not sure- but I think the arcade version might be different than the Atari one. The easy way would be to get a midi version of the song. Is there a way to extract the midi from the mame rom version of the game? Is there a name for the song? maybe we can find a midi of it. I'm not any good at ear tuning. Thanks Oh, I'm a pianist, took years of lessons, I hate tabs
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