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  1. For your third, is something like what you're looking for?The might have some stuff for the others. Good reason to listen through it anyways, if I notice anything noteworthy will append this post.
  2. from X3. One of the few sectors of the game I'll just hang around in for the calming music. from LISA: The Painful RPG (Warning video contains a spoiler image, but it's the only one out there that has the in game version of it) This is a very recent one for me. The line spoken before the tune starts sums it up well. "Today is the day I live." from FFIX. This track is really nostalgic for me, and I love the whole thing. This is possibly my favorite track from FFIX, even over the popular Protecting my Devotion and You Are Not Alone!
  3. Happy birthday OCR! Lets all djp in celebration.
  4. Super Mario Bros 1-1 on a Glockenspiel. Just experimented til I found all the notes while waiting for band to set up some days.
  5. The list in the first post should be accurate. I've been adding to it as people post their NNIDs in this thread.
  6. David Pakman from TYT has been trying to get guests for interviews on the subject https://twitter.com/davidpakmanshow/status/528238603487682560 He's currently trying to find more anti voices. Only Brianna has been willing to do an interview. He hasn't been easy on anyone that's gone on so far.
  7. A bit of a stats nerd here and the results got me curious. That's some pretty bad data interpretation. You're definitely going to skew the numbers when all the articles are about the women and don't mention the journalists. I would imagine a timeline would show a spike in traffic whenever each of them got mentioned in an article. For example http://topsy.com/analytics?q1=%23gamergate%20%40femfreq&q2=%23gamergate%20%40Spacekatgal&q3=%23gamergate%20%40thequinnspiracy&via=Topsy For comparison, here's the whole of #gamergate with the top two in that result http://topsy.com/analytics?q1=%23gamergate&q2=%23gamergate%20%40femfreq&q3=%23gamergate%20%40Spacekatgal&via=Topsy Looks like there was nearly no mentions to any of them until the news articles started coming up, and they've all but vanished again. Not to mention that according to brandwatch nearly 95% of the tweets were neutral or positive, with the journalists having a higher ratio of negative to positive than the others. I'd be curious to see the actual study by brandwatch to see if the numbers are spiking after articles about them or not. As well as their methodology.
  8. Because the ones playing both sides are looking to cause maximum outrage. They don't care about either side's stated goals. They just like causing as much trouble as they can so they can laugh at the results.
  9. Just a heads up. That Emma Watson thing is a marketing thing by Rantic who were hired to create fake drama about 4chan. http://www.ktvu.com/news/entertainment/emma-watson-nude-photo-threat-was-viral-stunt-shut/nhS37/?icmp=cmgcontent_internallink_relatedcontent_2014_partners2 They've done this sort of crap before with the whole GTA V is cancelled hoax(Rantic owns Foxweekly. It's not an actual news site) too.
  10. There's way more than Quinn and Anita being harassed. http://imgur.com/a/Iryng Pay close attention to http://i.imgur.com/ZCnzTjY.png. I'm not sure if it's still up anymore after Fish had his most recent meltdown, but zoe and the list of journalists being complained about favorited that tweet. Some of the other tweets in that image are the journalists being talked about by this whole ordeal. Zoe absolutely wrecked a charity kickstarter about getting women into game development and used her PR agent to help spread the word not to support it. Then redirected discussion back towards donating to her patreon if you want to help women in games instead. The person who ran the kickstarter was doxxed, and the site was DDOSed, and Zoe laughed about it. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s644c0 This would be the project btw http://www.thefineyoungcapitalists.com/Voting
  11. Whooo, it's out! I love all the character themes you did, Rush, especially the take on Nyx and Juni's theme. Space Marine Aban made me chuckle too. Good job on the World 8+ themes too. I beat it before you added those, so Antarctica's theme is still prominent, but I like what I hear. Is Adventure Aban platform specific to the Sony platforms? I know Mr Video Game is on Nintendo only, but haven't seen anything regarding Adventure Aban.(I've cleared 1001 Spikes completely on Steam and don't see him)
  12. I believe you can just use the serial number of your Wii U.
  13. Yeah MK is one of the best jobs you can get. Currently have thief, berserker, and just unlocked summoner(Escaped Karnak with 13 seconds left). So glad to get a magic user before byblos. He is a real pain to deal with when you only have physical characters.
  14. I got that as a starting job once. Have fun with Garula! I've picked up thief as my starter this year, so I know I will...
  15. Not to mention the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard in many years.
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