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  1. This actually helps just knowing that you all are as passionate about releasing the project as your fans are in hearing it. This was such a great game, and it is a crying shame that it was never released in Western markets. The tremendous translation job done for the game highlights how much of an impact the game had on its fans, and its soundtrack is worthy of the love being devoted to it in this project. Thanks again for the response and for being a part of this for us fans!
  2. Yeah, but the unofficial release was so good that SD3 remains one of the best RPGs I've ever played, so if they were to re-release, I hope they update it a little. Can we get another album preview since release is still a ways off?
  3. Just have to say how excited I am about this project, and how much I cannot wait for it to be finished. I know it's close to completion, but I have been checking every week to see if it has released yet Thank you so much for all the work put into this project, and know that you have some loyal fans looking forward to the release!
  4. Wow, how friggin' cool is that, to come across a guy randomly like that and to come across him again on an album this awesome! Totally cool! I hope Chad gets on here and says Hi to ya! Like everyone else here, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this album. To be honest, I have not been crazy about every OCRemix album released, as some have not really been my cup of tea... but this one has really set a new standard, a standard so high that it will be the bar that every other album will be measured to from here for years to come. Just incredible stuff, and as someone who has enjoyed OCRemix for several years now, it is inspiring to see just how much talent can be brought to bear on an OCRemix album these days. FF4 was my first real RPG love, but this game was a true classic, with one of the best soundtracks of all time. I am so glad to see it given the treatment it deserves!
  5. This is a great mix! One of my favorite on the album, and I'm really glad you didn't try to change it up too much but rather pump it up. The source material was probably my favorite of the soundtrack and this one definitely does it justice.
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