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  1. Currently a work in progress since I was a bit rushed to provide a final, but I was experimenting with a few things I don't normally try here. I know the orchestral sounds are a bit, well not a bit but just plain are, meh and I'm going to go about improving that soon enough but I'd like some feedback on this piece so far: http://soundcloud.com/wherewolf-therewolf/orchestro-vinyl-scratch-vs I really want to improve my mixing and writing in general so please I'd love whatever sort of harsh criticism you can provide for this.
  2. http://www.box.net/shared/3tjcm2b63q Currently a wip, I'd love some feedback though on how to improve the general sound-quality of the piece/the piece in general - I know at the moment it's a bit muddy and could use some clarity, especially in the background synths. Being a wip it's still missing some details to it, like reverse cymbal fade ins and that sort of thing, but I'd love to hear some feedback on the piece so far.
  3. Thalzon's avatar reminds me of Meteos, amazing puzzle game Now I wouldn't call it one of the most underrated puzzle games of all time, it definitely was a great game that received fairly little attention. It took a simple premise and reinvented it into something quite addicting and threw in enough variation to keep you hooked for a while.
  4. I don't particularly remember what's it called, but it's the ruins where you get the second(?) key that features the huge reaverbot boss in the center that you have to lower the lava levels to prevent it from healing itself, I just remember it had these floor traps in it that freaked me out the first time I landed on one for some reason. I do know it's MML 2 though
  5. Well those invisible slide-tackling robots creeped me out a bit when I first reached them (idk, was probably 13 or so when I played the game well enough to reach the lake temple) but overall the game wasn't too bad in that regard, the sequel definitely had some more "moments" like that (like the first time you make the mistake to shoot the cloaked robots or you step into a foot trap in the lava temple) but it's still not really all that creepy. It's interesting though as the temples really contrasted the overall feel of the outside world - while catalox island was upbeat and happy (even the so
  6. Sounds amazing as always TGH, you really are getting quite good at this
  7. Megaman Legends was a pretty great game that no one seems to remember, though the controls are really awkward now since most shooter type games have you used to the luxory of dual analogue stick aiming now.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up, I was a bit confused exactly how to state that - I know synthesizers create sound, so that pretty much sums up any sort of virtual instrument plugin, but as to how to distinguish between something that provides the interface of like say a Moog synthesizer that allows you to tweak the sound from scratch from something like a Virtual Orchestra which instead is more limited in the parameters that you can adjust. ----BTW---- Yes, I get it - it shows up as anal on the front page - it's funny, but it's not that funny that it needs restating over and over again. Also I'm
  9. Sorry if this is the incorrect section for these sorts of questions, it's not exactly an error or problem so I didn't figure it'd fit in the Help forums. For a while now, I have been using the plugins that came with Pro Tools 8 when I had purchased the DAW a few years ago, for starters they worked fine and what's more were free (on top of the limitations to RTAS plugins since Pro Tools lacks compatibility with VST plugins, which are pretty much the only format free plugins come in) but I'm starting to desire some more powerful/better sounding plugins. After using the two synths that came with
  10. http://www.box.net/shared/ciy13f5pky It's a remix of another person's original song (http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=42496), done in a style similar to Glitch and Ambient. I'm pretty much done, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it, or further pieces, I'm willing to take them (I'd like to try and make my work sound a bit closer to studio work). Also pardon the leet speak in the name, it just seemed the most fitting for the track
  11. Yeah I was thinking that about reverb, but the problem is it sounded a bit weird when it went through the phaser/modulation vibrato part and I couldn't really think of a way to translate between the two, so I figured it's better to have it sounding a bit hollow in the intro riff, though it does kinda contribute to the 8-bit feel of the piece.
  12. Well It's not up to quality standards for most work here, but it's definitely better then most of my work. I'd like some feedback on it/where to improve/etc. So here's my remix of the theme to Mercury's level in Megaman for Megaman V (gameboy). http://www.box.net/shared/dghtnqxlen I'm not sure exactly what sort of genre I'd define it is, I know it's something electro. Made in Pro Tools 8.
  13. Okay I had been using the Pro Tools LE 8 system for a while now with Mbox Mini and I had recently gotten a computer upgrade, my old one was Windows XP and my new one runs Windows 7. Being not officially supported, getting Pro Tools to run correctly is becoming a pain: -To get the program to install at all I had to skip setting up the hardware when it prompted me to connect it. Of course now the DAW won't run as it requires the hardware connected and ready to work. -After some research I downloaded the 8.0.4 patch installer as that is supposed to allow for the use of Windows 7, but there's a pr
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