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  1. This has been on my ipod since the WIP thread. Nicely done man
  2. I'm happy to see this remix come up again. I had thought you abandoned it earlier. I can't give a whole lot of advice as I'm not much of a remixer. One thing that I noticed, wearing my headphones, its that the bass is a lot louder and the voices can be hard to hear. I agree that you should make it dynamic as well though, it can get a little static at times.
  3. Congrats man, its so great to finally see you get a bit of the spotlight. You'll be famous here before long
  4. Second this. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon soundtracks do not get the attention they deserve. Fantastic track too. This one is going straight on my ipod
  5. Wow, I can definately see the improvement! I had never heard this mix until now and this was one of my favorite songs from the game, so good idea to give it a reboot. I don't know much about putting together this kind of music, but everything sounded great to me. Fantastic job!
  6. I dunno, I just sort of see it in my mind as a Wii console on tank treads. Its up to debate. Now, a tub full of games, theres something special. :P

  7. ...So like the Wii Play game or just a tub full of games consoles?

  8. You have no idea how happy it makes me to get a compliment like that :DD Thanks a lot!

    Anyway, actually the only midis that I have (for piano) that for whatever reason weren't lost are "The Greatest Loss of All" and "Dreams of Heroism." If you want, I can send these both to you if you PM me your email address. :D

    It's people like you that inspire me to make more stuff. Thank you so much! :DDD

  9. Heya, I'm a longtime fan of your remixes. I love the stuff you've done, especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. They never get enough love :P

    Anyway, I wanted to ask if you have made any piano sheets for your remixes. You are absolutely incredible at composing fantastic piano pieces and I've always wanted to learn how to play some of them. I'm looking forward to hearing more stuff from you. :D

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