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  1. Thanks everybody for the really lovely compliments - glad it was well received, considering my "remix" style is rather modest most of the time (still time to be absolutely bat **** insane!). I LOVE PBS-core lol - I used it as a genre tag, thank you hahaha! Chris.
  2. Thanks very much everybody for the extremely kind words, the remix meant a lot to me - i didn't want to do it if I couldn't do it right, and I'm just glad others are enjoying it as much as I enjoyed making it, cheers!
  3. Hey guys, SO! We don't do remixes often, but I figured you guys might like this, since it has the same heart and sound (somewhat) that the Hoy Small Fry remix had. Anyway! Little bit of new music, and wonderful material that we got to remix. Enjoy!
  4. We released the soundtrack back in November, I shoulda probably posted it here! It's much better quality than the rip, I'll say that. And has edits to make the intros/finales much more satisfying! http://hyperduck.bandcamp.com/album/a-r-e-s-extinction-agenda Can't help be tweak when I'm in the audio itself. If you enjoyed it in game, then that link may interest you greatly!
  5. I should just express my, in fact OUR gratitude to the very kind words shared about this remix we did. I was expecting to receive a royal spanking from the mighty ocremix since it's our first time here, but you've been very kind with your words and the support of the album is outstanding. Big man hugs from Ireland.
  6. UHHH QUACK QUACKKKKK!!! I need to learn how to use this mad old ocremix land.

  7. That's an awesome tribute! Quite awesome, and yeah I can hear the comparative qualities. If you listen to staff credits from wind waker you will see where we struck up our initial influence. Can't say we knew of this piece while we were putting our remix together. Tis a good find! Edit: sorry iPhone auto correct is silly.
  8. This will be win! (Chris Geehan here!) Heard some of the materials going on it so far and it'll be worthy every penny, besides the fact it's going to a great cause.
  9. Glad you like it That seems a low quality rip of the soundtrack but I think it's pretty awesome somebody went to the effort to share the music with people, makes us feel special Yeah we'll release a high quality album of it in the future, we're going to do a lot of touching up to it and a few more things as well Will post about it when it happens on our webby http://hyperduck.co.uk !
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