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    I am a college sophmore trying to figure out what to do in life. Meanwhile I've been playing the piano, reading books, playing videogames and slowly but surely finding my way through FL studio and Audacity.
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  1. After hacking through FB Uematsu fan pages, I thought i found the right one... I didn't as it turns out But here OCR comes and tells me which one is the real one Mistake corrected! That made my day right there... but there is more... and given a chance at meeting the legend who has changed and influenced games and lives alike... well i just had to make a post and add my name to the bucket for the win. Thanks OCR and Good luck to everyone else
  2. I love this song and I love this remix. It's mind boggling to think that it's just one guy who does all four voices, but in the end i'm bopping my head to the beat and smiling, all 173 seconds of it!
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