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    I'm a guitarist. I don't have a lot of experience arranging, but I am currently a Music Performance major at my college. I am also in the main lead/rhythm guitarist in the Jazz Band there but I also love the classical approach to the guitar. Anyhow, I am currently taking a recording studio class and am hoping to get up some classical guitar arrangements of some of my favorite songs. If you'd like to collaborate don't hesitate. I can play in most styles, and feel most comfortable doing rhythm guitar work, but I can also so solos.
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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
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    Classical Guitar

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  1. Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I'm not gonna be able to get to the recording for a while. School is getting really hectic right now but I get out in early may. After that I'll be able to focus on it more. Thanks for the patience.

  2. Sent you a PM dude. Check it!

  3. I beg of you sir, allow me to be your guitarist. Is there any sheet music to go along with this?
  4. Hey guys, I'm Johnny Fuel. I'm just a guitarist who loves video game music (among many genres as well). I can play in a variety of genres, but I love classical the most. I'm currently working on a classical guitar remix of "Reign of the Septims" and as soon as I figure out how to use the recording equipment at my college, I'll get that out of the way and see if I have what it takes to meet the OCR standards!
  5. Do you want classical or steel string acoustic? I have both, but the steel-string I have is low-quality (it's my first guitar).
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