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  1. Hey, Glad to hear you enjoy some of my work! It's totally cool if you want to use some of my tracks on your YouTube Channel. I also appreciate that you are willing to give credit. Feel free to send me a link so I can check it out.

  2. Good luck to you too! This will be especially interesting since our sources are so different from each other.

  3. This is certainly bringing back memories for me. I'd love to just jump right in and charge head first into this, but I have a bunch of stuff on my plate including a short school trip during the middle of the competition. Is it okay if I give you a tentative yes? I would love to try this again, but I would also like to make sure I can work out all of the dates before I fully commit.

  4. Sorry about that. I sent a message to Phonetic Hero, but I completely forgot to respond to you. I did get the feedback and I have already made a few changes to make the track sound better. Hopefully I can get you an update once finals are done.

  5. Thanks man, your song was downright amazing to listen to. I'll admit I was really nervous to go up against you for the first round of the compo, but I'm very happy with what I learned during that time. Hopefully someday in the future when I improve in my music production skills, I can get a rematch! :D

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