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  1. Is there a release date yet? . Dat 'coming soon' video is wicked awesome.
  2. Ohhhh myyyyy! This is sounding incredible! Can't wait to hear it in full. Real nice job fellas
  3. What up!! My band has our new record out that mixes punk rock with nostalgic chiptune! Contains a super fun Super Mario Kart remix! ya!! Go listen & download here! https://fishhook.bandcamp.com/
  4. Hey hey hey! My new remix album is mixed, mastered, and ready for downloadin' Check it out here: http://blen.bandcamp.com/ A Blend of chiptunes, ska, hiphop and breakcore. Enjoy!
  5. http://blen.bandcamp.com/ 7 tracks of punktune mayhem. Enjoy!
  6. Cool! Thanks a lot man! I'll be sure to post on OCR when the EP is done.
  7. What's up! I'm currently in progress of my first remix EP. Thought I could get some constructive feedback from you guys! I'm experimenting with punk, ska, breakcore, and chiptune elements. It's heavy and super happy at the same time. Enjoy! Link:http://soundcloud.com/blen1/bubble-wars-bubble-bobble
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