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  1. if you were to tweak it, not saying you need to, but echoing other comments. i'd say to check out Jazzsteppa, Benga, and Downlink for some extra inspiration.
  2. this is one seriously sick mix man. i really like it. great job, heavy, reflective tune.
  3. thanks man, i'm glad i could warp your world a little haha
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?jn5aa37ak3s9kc5 this is my remix of "Panic Puppet Zone" from Sonic 3DBlast. hope you enjoy.
  5. no, i don't mean i have it. i meant "yeah" as in "yeah, i have a question" i'm BUYING it next week.
  6. Haha yeah, I have a question: How hard is the battle with Galactus? I can't wait to give it a go. Dream team #1 = Super-Skrull, Hsien-ko, and X-23.
  7. Congratulations! This album is stellar, like, great job halc. This is a very morning-friendly album as well, though I could imagine myself grooving out to this at night on some master system as well. Overall solid work, I'd call "Floating Away" my favorite, but it is all good. Also, I shared it amongst my friends on facebook, and will surely be donating some amount once I get some money together.
  8. Here's a song I cut last week under the moniker Zeon EX. Its called "Hey, We Can Get Down." It samples "We Can Get Down" by A Tribe Called Quest, but relatively conservatively in my opinion. Its an electro-house track. I hope you enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/?0yy8db8697u4b2m
  9. Yeah, I'd say don't let your heart sink into this one. Chances are if it gets finished it will take awhile, judging from your statements that is. So, you could, as other members pointed out, work on menu music, overworld music, or just even general tunes that you could fit in somewhere when it is all done. Beyond that, you could find another type of project to work on. And hey, look on the brightest side, you'll have an album's worth of material when all is said and done.
  10. i apologize, i am not used to this forum structure at all. too me the back was the front, aka page 30whatever was the most recent, but its not. i didn't check the date.
  11. Honestly, on the topic of Disney, i would not mind that. I doubt it would happen in this game though. Imagine fighting the likes of MODOK with that Blue Genie or Jafar or something, in a Fantasia-themed stage. Pretty epic, pretty beautiful.
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