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  1. It's missing bass . Which I believe takes alot from the experience. Also the lead melody is the only thing you have going and you will need to build on it a bit more . Add some dynamic . some filters. Also compression . the kick and general percussion needs to pop a bit more , right now its only snare and kick , and its not saying much. You have an ok base though , you just need to build on it.
  2. Normally withing 2-3 days. That including guitar playing .
  3. Hello everyone , I am new here , but I have been doing music for sometime. I have lately finished my rearrangement of the song " An Empty Tome " from the game Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia . God I love that game , and the music is fantastic. Michiru Yamane is awesome , always manages to blend lots of music genres together , like Jazz with rock and baroque style classical music, Fantastic stuff. Here is the link to my song , I already submitted it for judging , but from what I understand It's going to take a while. Mp3 Download http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/401343 Youtube video Link to source:
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