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  1. A friend of mine would probably put his vote in for DeRose from RoboTrek. It's probably the only video game he hasn't beat because of DeRose. Of course, that was 10 years ago. He may be able to beat her now. As for my vote, it would have to go to Ozma from FFIX. I tried everything to beat it and couldn't. I then watched the friend mentioned above take my file and beat Ozma practically with his eyes closed. If that didn't add insult to injury...
  2. "Ra, ra, ra!" This mix sounds very patriotic. I've been expecting a mix like this for a while. I likey. One word: Fabulous
  3. Alright. So the man has made better, but overall...a very catchy remix
  4. I really love this remix. Now here's the embarrassing part...I can't figure out which FFVII song this is a remix of. Can someone help me out here? Is it the Life Stream song?
  5. Ozma (was that his name?) from FF9...that huge multicolored spherical monster. I have yet to beat him to this day.
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