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  1. I like to call it "The Ice Cap Zone Syndrome". ;P At any rate... I, too was one of the people who DESPERATELY wanted to see this particular track remixed. Words fall short, listening to this piece, I absolutely LOVE this. I don't give a flying battery (little Sonic-related pun there) about wether it's supposed to be classified as techno, electronica, club house OR trance, I just want to say that... this track gives me good feelings. =D In closing, I'd like to say the following: "If you don't know anything about criticism, then please don't give it."
  2. Heh, took me a while to recognize the track you remixed, but I must say you've chosen an interesting one to work with, and an interesting way to handle it, too. Way to make an originally suspenseful piece of music a genuinely relaxing experience.
  3. My opinion of the song? I dig it. Most my friends like it, too. Both the black and the white friends I have, if there was any doubt in that matter to begin with. As was pointed out, the usage of the word nigga is all but malicious, and not even nearly said as much as, say, any given song by Busta Rhymz. I must say though, that while some songs on this site can be looped continuously for hours on end without getting on your nerves eventually, this is not one of those songs. It may get tiring after the third or so consecutive playback, and can be better appreciated when dosed sparsely, but regularly inbetween a whole litter of other VGremixes. ...Oh yeah, hi, I'm here again. Been a while since I was last here, and I doubt anyone even recognizes me. XD
  4. Mach Rider lost some of it's obscurity after it had a decent mention in Super Smash Brothers Melee, (not only in the form of one of the trophies, but a remix of all the main Mach Rider themes is the alternate music to the Big Blue stage, one of the hidden levels) but I'm glad it did, now perhaps more people will look at that trophy, listen to the music, and think "Hey, I should try that game, sounds fun!" like I did. =) I personally like this remix a lot, good fade-in, gradually building up the full theme, nice beats, while the NES blips keep it true to the original sound track. Oh heya, I'm a newbie. Glad to be here. =P
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