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  1. As I've mentioned in my vote (probably a bit off topic over there, but screw it, it's the last week!) it's been a great competition and the net result is that we've all got 58 new mixes to listen to (should have been 62! ) I've thoroughly enjoyed being able to download collections of new mixes every Sunday morning to sample and over the last 2 months I've pretty much listened to nothing else at work. Thanks to all the artists for your brilliant work and to SuperiorX for organising this, but I want more so hopefully we'll see another one soon Now to sit back and wait and see who the winner is, but in reality, I feel like the real winner is me and all the other fans of Sonic music. (The first weekend just happened to be my birthday and that was awesome!) Cheers!
  2. I feel Aquarium park needs more justice, maybe I've missed it but it seems no one has included the "verse" in their mix yet and it's a shame because it's such a nice passage of source music. The mixes are great, but I love this part of the source and it hasn't turned up anywhere yet.
  3. Question: provided this is done when voting is still open, am I allowed to edit/change my vote? A couple of these were really hard to pick and I may end up changing my mind as I listen over the coming week.
  4. I'm merely a humble listener, but I just wanted to say by holding this competition and releasing the first tracks today, you've indirectly given me one of the best birthday presents I've ever had. Thanks guys, I love your work!
  5. Must agree with the sentiments of Emunator. I'm a green hill mix whore and the mixes cynic turns out are hands down my favourites. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than April Rain he pulls this one out! Please don't ever stop making these sir
  6. One of my favourites in Sound of Speed, glad to see it get front page exposure. Unlike many previous posters, I actually like the Scrap Brain music, and this track is an amazingly awesome take on it.
  7. Congratulations halc et all for an amazing album, I have been waiting quite some time for this and it has not disappointed! My highlights: Shifiting Islands - I'm not usually a fan of the Marble Zone music, but this track has turned it into something awesome Subsonic Sparkle - Like halc, I am also a fan of GaMeBoX's work on Project Chaos and I enjoy his style very much Hogtied - I just love the way this mix also briefly visits the Robotnik theme from the Master System/GG version! (As well as the scrap brain theme from that edition - "That Freezing Feeling" from Project Chaos also makes use of it) Clockwork Criminal - Scrap Brain is one of my favourite tunes from the game, and I'm glad this track has done it justice
  8. Both games have a pretty small number of tracks, perhaps a combined album?
  9. That sucks. I'm going insane on a daily basis every time I check to see if it's there yet.
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