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  1. yes do it I love this mix already and adding Spinning bird would be awesome 1 of chun li's best themes. If your taking suggestions try using "light guardian" ken's theme from the same game that 1 is wicked 2
  2. Ok screw it I want to participate (am I still able to) downloaded a free trial from sony. I have an idea, but I need to Collab with someone. I need a Camera guy to shoot the footage for me I can edit thats my skills. I'll let you know what the idea is when someone gets a hold of me
  3. Hey I just came across this challenge. I would love to participate one day when I get my editing software. It looks like a lot of fun, I checked out the youtube channel and I must admit you guys are talented love the stuff and can't wait to be amongst you guys once I have said software
  4. Ah Storms theme I randomly downloaded this onto a mix CD years ago. Like u said it is a cover, but this does have potential for a remix. You start of with your sound effect and it could sound a little more fierce if some reverb on it and lightning crashing were to occur and then you sagway into the intro and your synth is lacking "umph" try experimenting with different synths and get some power behind it. From there you move into your piano section and to reiterate what u said it is a cover, but in remix terms I think you should keep the sax there and give it some life there the section seems plain try putting the sax underneath the piano I would definately take a listen to it for sure. I'm musically untalented myself and respect what you guys do, but I'll be glad to give an opinion, but I digress. When you move into your guitar and sax combo to me it doesn't fit for some reason may be it's the delay like you mentioned and it also seemed a little cluttered in there as well. I hope to hear an updated version of this mix if you get around to it, it certainly has potential for a remix with a little tlc Cheers
  5. Hey what you have sir is a really good mix. I can see myself listening to this driving down a highway. I disagree with CJthemusicdude about the sax I think it suits the track well but thats me. It's certainly is a different take on kasumi's theme forsure. I like how you started off the song with a basic drum beat and piano and then you bring in the sax and I believe it's the soprano if I'm not mistaken. my favourite kind of sax. there are parts that I do disagree with though and sadly I don't have a time signature for you but it's around your course I think some of the notes are too high for the sax and sound like it's too whiny so I suggest dropping it a key or 2 same with your short notes hopefully you know what I'm talking about (the bud it boop... bud it boop). Also this is a my opinion suggestion, but you have a good set up in there to put a sax solo and I think it would make the song more epic. You have a great mix sir keep working at it and I really hope to see it up on the site. Cheers
  6. Hey I took a listen to it. I don't really know that much about music writing and sounds in general so don't take what I say too seriously. Overall so far I think you have a good mix going it's nice relaxing take of star wolfs theme. It starts off really well with your arpeggios (I think thats what they are) I'd like to hear a harder drum it felt a little tiny to me. Your lead synth? I felt it was whiny and a little annoying to my ears but thats me. Near the end when you pick up the pace a little I like what you did there though. I'm certainly intrested in hearing the rest of your mix when you get around to finishing it Star Wolf is an awesome theme from an awesome game albeit taking forever to beat but I digress. Hope this help or not hopefully someone with more musical knowledge can give you better feedback then me