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  1. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIxqnNavS6o So uh, wow...been a long time since I've been on this site. How time flies. >_> Either way, I'm back with...well, more attempts at Mega Man Legends remixes. Getting to the point, obvious WiP is obvious. Bruno is a fairly high energy track in-game, and I wanted to explore...well, something of the opposite. Couple of notes about what I have, I'm aware that the drums are repetitive. They're more like placeholders for the time being until I feel like pouring more work in to them. I plan to integrate some solos, though I'm not quit
  2. Still would appreciate some feedback on this. Ya know...whenever is good.
  3. What do you think? Totally OCRemix material. On a serious note, this is oooooold. Probably my 4th or 5th remix ever, though there are some things I like about this so I may end up doing a re-remix or something.
  4. @Rozo/Yoozer: Both of you essentially said the same thing, so I'll take the advice and try it out. It's slightly difficult when you've been doing one thing and want to switch to something else. In this case, I mainly have been working in the Orchestra composition department for a game project. A friend of mine asked me to do a Trance mix of the Doctor Who theme, so at the very least, I would want it to be something that lots of people would be able to enjoy, not just the one. Also Rozo, 7/8 dance track? I've GOT the hear this... @Skrypnyk: That sounds easier said than done, and the results w
  5. My first question was weird to me too...but I figured I might get some kind of answer for it. ^^; I have intermediate knowledge of Music Theory (been dealing with music since I was 11...I'm 23) and I have a Guitar-fashioned MIDI Controller. Nothing else outside of that, besides the PC and desktop speakers. Massive is sitting because I had to get my system clean for a new (old) PC that I finally got put together...I've been lazy and haven't got it on here yet. As for your method of studying...I won't deny that it sounds like a good idea. But I've listened to plenty of music from the main and
  6. First off, sorry about the thread title. I wasn't exactly sure what to title this. Alright, I want to get more into creating some electronic compositions (along the lines of Trance, Techno, etc). My first question for you guys is what do you find to be the most successful quality about any particular electronic genre? Are you more interested in how the track is progressed? Or maybe you're more into how the leads play out? Perhaps you just like hearing something that's well organized and fits together? My second question is, from a technical standpoint, what are some things someone would need
  7. First off, thanks for the reply! The beginning does sound midi-ish. I've realized that a while ago, so I definitely plan on doing something different with the intro to make it feel better...with jelly. I had also started writing a new section for the actual Geetz part of the remix, just to add some length so it didn't feel so short. Not sure if I'm going to leave it in, but we'll see.
  8. Thank you neblix...I will learn to keep to myself and never attempt to learn something new ever again! As a side note, you have nice hair (I don't really know if this is true).
  9. Um...what exactly IS Signal to Noise ratio? o.o
  10. I've noticed that the scroll wheel on my mouse likes to mess with that particular slider, among other things in FL.
  11. lol No one wanted this? The 1250AD stage music is awesome...and would fit well in the METAL genre. I'll try my hand at this once I have my Mega Man Legends 2 remix finished.
  12. It's not bad I guess...though I'm not really a big "House" person. Doesn't seem like it needed to be 5:22. ._.
  13. ...Why do I feel like I'm watching so random 90's porn when I listen to this? Anyways, no Vocals. They could work for this...but a Sax is much more sexy. I like the bass frequencies as well, deep but tame.
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