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  1. Oh, wow, after that first post I had given this topic up for dead. So uh... What do all those programs... y'know... Do? I really don't have the slighest clue about what either of you just said.
  2. Hey OCR. So I got this ancient laptop to fiddle with at work (I work at a hotel, so I get a fair amount of stationary freetime, and with the wireless network too.) Only, the harddrive went bad on it. OKay, thats cool. I'll just get one off ebay, and ooh, Freespire, a linux version of Windows? Sure. Fuck, this one RATTLES. I'll try it anyway. Great, 50% of the time the computer refuses to acknowledge its there, and the other half it claims a disk controller failure. Its bad too. Alright, okay... another hard drive from ebay. I also got an adapter to connect it to my desktop. Looks good... formatted it just to be safe... Windows won't load. It starts copying the setup files, and stops every time at 88%, on the file vbscript.dll. Freespire just spams errors on "logic blocks". Halp? I've tried all I could, even getting a linux OS to put on it, but it just craps out immeadiately claiming the same errors
  3. ...Damn. Its just not easy to record worth a damn.
  4. Hey guys. Am I going for a record on Help topics? What kind of things are required for good audio recording, short of a recording studio? Assume I have no fucking clue about anything aside from aforementioned studio, and $10 pc mic. I want to do an audio book CD, basically, but yeah, I'm completely out of my league. So what better place than Overclocked Remix, y'know?
  5. So, I'm sure a few people remember me asking questions that are REALLY "wtf, are you seriously asking us?" Sadly, you guys are the most organized, least trolling, and most informed group of people I know. ;_; So anyway... Credit cards. I'm looking into building up my credit, trying some investments, and generally, y'know. Having a credit card. Problem is? I have no fucking clue what ANYTHING means. Its all written in Financese. APR? Low rate financing? Wha? And all the google results for "First time credit card" or "credit card FAQ" are either by the companies, not explaining anything beyond DON'T BE STUPID, STUPID, or otherwise unhelpful. So... halp?
  6. I frankly imagine my post will be dismissed out of hand, but while I do like the piece as a piece of music... its changed to the point where I can't recognize the source. Thats REALLY now how a remix is supposed to work...
  7. Wow, looking at all the other questions in this forum, I feel kind of emo/drama-ey asking questions this serious vs "hai my monitor's borked". Oh well, this is sadly the most intelligent forum I know, and I do not have a worthy person to turn to offline. I want to go to college. Very very very very very much. ;_; Creative writing and business managment if its important. The thing is, I... honestly have no idea what to do. I was home schooled for a good majority of my life, and college prep was not involved. I'm working at obtaining a GED, which I know is required for federal financial aid, but... I'm bumfucked on what else is involved, I know its not as simple as applying and getting in the car. Man, I feel so amazingly stupid asking this.
  8. Looking for more money. Better hours would be nice, but the money is big right now. I can't go to school or really even hope for more when I'm earning a whopping $80 a week. I mean, what'd I'd LIKE to do is a job where I can accomplish something while still having a few seconds to my own thoughts before I have to handle some incredibly inane thing, or not feel aching and in pain by the end of the day where I'm supposed to have my time then. And I did do a constructive job once, telecommunications contracting. 10-12 average hour workdays with 100-200 mile commutes and no breaks was not my idea of a dream job. ...I'm sorry, I just got off work, and I'm sure you can all tell how enthused I am with it. I'm not saying I want to make it big on the crap, just bigger than $80 a week. Maybe something that I could actually afford a vehicle or school with. What I'd *LIKE* to do would likely be creative writing, non-video game design... maybe just try and be a Manager or something for the safety and money. But right now I hold no illusions that I'll be getting a job I'd want, or even really like. I am looking into relocating though, see if I can badger any relatives >.>
  9. Er, no, I didn't know what Relocation assistance means.
  10. ...Relocation assistance? Its something, but manufacturing is really not my thing.. which only makes me feel picky. However, I REALLY can't stand the job I'm at now. Finally got my paycheck, for a grand total of $79 for a week's work. They have me working JUST The hard hours of lunch rush.
  11. Charming. Problem is though, ebay is so elitist you have to suffer extra scrutiny for your first hundred purchases or so, and triply so for an ebay store.
  12. Okay, I wasn't specific in the topic because I knew everyone would just pass this over if I did. Let me be blunt. My area sucks. Almost no opportunity for anyone for employment without managerial experience or willingness to settle for Taco Bell and other assorted part time fast food jobs. I live in the middle of nowhere, and have neither the cash nor the social contacts to move out. So, I'm looking at what I can do to get somewhere. Enough exposition now (It was just to answer the questions that would be asked), I come to you with the meat of my consideration. I've heard that those "Win an iPod" promotions online work, so long as you refer friends etc etc. So, I wonder. Those "Work at home" commercials on the TV... They wouldn't have the funding to make commercials on TV if they weren't true... right? I'm more than certain there are catches... but there isn't much that can't beat out 3 hour days at Taco Bell just for the lunch rush. tl;dr: Work at home, any worth to it?
  13. Finally got ahold of him and talked to him. He's with a Catholic foodbank thing, and whenever they get too many donations for their space, they have to give it out or throw it out. Still no idea why he singles us out. Boxes and boxes of meat and crap. Anyone for some lunch meat?
  14. I live in the horribly empty spot between Meth, Mines, and Hicks.
  15. ...I can't seem to find it. System Information is showing a big ol' blank under Video Components.
  16. New to me. Its still got twice the proccessing power of my old one. So I'm guessing PCI video cards are teh suck?
  17. Although, it's earliest form's name, before it became the "trombone", was "sackbut". So in realty, it did change. Just very, very little. Kudos to anyone who happened to know that. I'm sorry, but on behalf of everyone, BAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. TROMBONER! TROMBONIST! SACKBUT! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA. *cough* Sorry. Its an incredibly unique instrument, and I'd be curious to know the history of how someone would design it. But then, I'm also curious about who the hell thought biting into a pineapple was a good idea.
  18. ... ... That was an awful lot of bratwurst now that I think about it...
  19. Ah, the game that showed us what a giant possum in a suit of armor with a sword and a massive rocket on his back could REALLY do.
  20. I.... do not know how to tell. :/
  21. Okay, my parents got me a new barebones for Christmas, and its allright, cept it doesn't have an AGP slot for my video card. Or any slots at all for expansions aside from PCI... That bothers me, since I vaguely remember talk about newer video cards requiring a new slot. Clarification/suggestion?
  22. No, he lives in a small old house, there's a trailer on the property, there are like 30 ducks, pheasants, peacocks. I'm wondering if he's insane. The food is good, I mean, the only complaints are that we couldn't eat the bananas fast enough. And they're from stores that are maybe 45 minutes and more away.
  23. I'm never around when he does it, my parents are the one who gets it. And he's kinda tall and skinny. And yeah, we're making sure, though as I said, most of it is storebought and still sealed. Its weird is all.
  24. So this neighbor has been coming to our house, lately. Past two-three months, though far more common lately. Every time is the same, walks up, knocks, hands us a box, walks off with a smile. Boxes of food. First it was cookies. Okay. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Then bananas. Alright. Then more bananas. Then 3 bags of apples. Then a box of assorted cakes. Another box of cookies. All of it storebought, most of it about to reach its sell-by date, and most of it not from local stores. Today? 6 half-pies, 3 boxes of sugar cookies, an entire box(like, 3'x2'x2') of assorted lunchmeat, sausages, and a container of Burrito filling. Double You Tee Eff. Granted we're not exactly well off, but we've never hurt for food, and he's not exactly that well off himself. Its mind boggling.
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