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  1. These places always seemed not the place to meet people, but to drag your circle of friends to. Unless you just go around advertising your Myspace. Of course, I just use my Myspace as a space to go bitch, so maybe I'm not the person to talk to.
  2. Fixed It was my burning software. Thanks.
  3. For some time now, my DVD-RW drive has been giving me crap whenever I try and burn anything aside from a music CD, telling me "Windows has encountered an error trying to copy this file. Retry or Cancel". Retry fails, and Cancel aborts. I have no idea how to fix it, and this has persisted even though when I formatted it yesterday. I'm thinking I may need to replace the drive, but thats a hassle. Thoughts?
  4. I'm curious. Is it a high bandwidth game? RTS? Ingame chat?
  5. I'm still asking for rebuttal, not "o rly"s. "Under blood curse" does not mean "Free from any and all responsibility afterward". And all the quests I keep doing involving the Shadow Council point that way. Blackrock Clan was the CHIEF clan of the Horde. Orgim Doomhammer was leader of said clan. Theramore was built because Lordaeron was kind of consumed in an undead plague and the humans were lost in a foreign land. By "Works openly with demons", I meant the whole "Employs a Dreadlord", not "Has Warlocks". According to the History of Trolls thing, the only people the trolls tolerated at any point were the Kaldorei. After the explosion it was all downhill. And even so the troll descriptor say they pretty much distrust anyone outside their immeadiate tribe, and still don't like the Forsaken. C'mon, if I'm wrong, correct me. Don't just go "lol". I've been told too many good things about OCR to settle for that.
  6. Orcs: Settled into Night Elf Lands, cutting down their forests, killing their demi-god. Still mostly controlled by Shadow Council which LIKED demonic possession. STILL laying siege to Redridge, like, from the Second War. Building bases uncomfortably close to Alliance areas, see Gromgol, Stonard, and Black Fathom Deeps. Feel no remorse or pity for the slaughter during the blood curse. Claim to only want peace and fight in defense, but love to battle. Forsaken: Judge alliance by a non-member of the alliance (Scarlet Monastery) Actively seeking to poison mankind for no real reason. Sought NO parley with the humans, just decided to be the Scourge with minds of their own. Are relentlessly goth. (See low level Undead quest to gather Gloomweed. Herbalist turn-in NPC identifies them as daisies.) Work openly with demons that want to destroy the world. Work openly to poison non-humans too. Are just giant dicks to begin with. Trolls: Most populus race in Azeroth, but has NEVER made an attempt to be at peace unless placed in great debt by an overwhemlingly powerful group. Are even more giant dicks than the Forsaken, acting like its their victim's fault they can't regenerate the wounds inflicted by the Trolls. No real redeeming qualities at all really. Tauren: Not too bad. Don't know why they're Druids really. Oh wait, chastise Dwarves for being industrial, yet they ally with the Orcs who employ Goblins, and even have mining trainers and start with guns, and even the Night Elves aren't THAT hypocritical. I'd list the Alliance's greivances too, but nobody would listen to me then because I'd be looking at a debate equally from both sides. Someone react like I'm a troll and counter me, k?
  7. I recently reactivated my account... damn you all... I find my Hunter to be doing poorly in WSG (AB never gets played on Cenarius unless its an AB weekend..) and since I'm not a twink, I do even worse. I find that for one, all my range control skills are useless as soon as its not 1:1, because whoever I DON'T Conc Shot/Wing Clip etc pays attention to me, and as soon as someone pays attention to me, I have 5 seconds to live. Even Priests keep pwning me. I'm Beast specced, and while that has given me a fair bit of luck in 1:1 fights, as soon as anyone else comes by, bam, its all over. At the very least I can claim my skills are rusty, but I also bet I'm not doing something right. So school me, OCR.
  8. I see them too. Oh well, not like they're interfereing. Oh the things I experienced as a hunter... I had people tell me I didn't need armor since I was ranged, had people tell me to not summon my pet when it dies, since its just in the way, had people tell me I'm stealing loot from rogues and warriors, had a few people ask me to heal (WTF!?) Had rogues and warriors tell me to stop pulling, that obviously all my various abilities are not nearly as good as them sapping one/dealing with the rest or simply throwing a freaking knife at one of them. But I was like one of FIVE hunters on the whole server to use a crab. And a godly crab it was. u >.> Ranting. Whoops. People like mages. Food/drink, dispels, sheeping, people depend on my friend's mage After playing the hunter, a paladin, and a troll Priest(lol troll racials suck, shamans heal 2, etc etc), I had stopped playing because no matter what I did, the only parties I could find either were the obvious 12 year olds, or otherwise making me think they were typing with their foreheads.
  9. Just finished reinstalling it... going to a friend's house to update on DSL... T_T its like a plague I can't get rid of... Hard to play a class thats fun... I played a hunter before, but they have 0 use in a party, or at least everyone believes so. Even though my crab could tank better than a lot of warriors........ I was thinking Mage, since I want to be able to kill en masse... What do you guys think, Probably-The-Only-Forum-Group-I-Know-That-Doesn't-Flame-Outright?
  10. Hear hear! It is SO damn hard to find a good choir track, from anything, anyone, anywhere. Dramatic at least, instead of gospel stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but an epic sounding mix with choir? Ce magnifique.
  11. I personally love this remix. I tend not to throw my vote onto the ReViews, but this one just REALLY calls out. Its a good piece of "classical" style music, I could easily see this slipping into the local classical place, except for the fact that its a tad too lively in parts. >_< Anyway, Just listening to this music is relaxing, and if I let my imagination wander, things happen. This is a big difference I've found to a lot of other remixes, and through no fault of their own, their base music. They paint a picture of what is happening in the game, and thats what they're supposed to do. But this... this is truly something. I mean, I'm a lazy typist, and I banged this out in about 30 seconds, this music means something to me. It really does things to me when I listen to it right before I go to bed. And when I follow it up with Nigel Simmon's SoM Return to Elysian Lands, I feel so relaxed I fall asleep almost immeadiately after. >_< So, summarized, this is good, we need more Secret of Evermore music, more mixes like this, and more mixers with the talent, imagination, and panache of this guy.
  12. Its amazing. I used to play the game as a child, and this is a brilliant update. Love the voice samples.
  13. Replaying this over and over, I understand why God doesn't let us orgasm from music, or else an orgy would sweep the land. Its just that good.
  14. Wow... Its stuff like this that shows me that the RIAA is completely made of crap. If Vigilante can do this from Super Metroid(While good yes, its not instrumental), it shows you don't need to be a stoned idiot with a contract to make brain-meltingly good music. Kee-rist, stop reading this and download it already!
  15. I love this site. I really do. PRAISE OCR! *brutally sacrifices a thousand "hit" bands for continued patronage* Without it, I could never have heard such mind blowingly good music. Its almost orgasmic. I wish I could loop it so it would last forever, but then I wouldn't get to hear ProtoVaffe, which is just as good. I like most of the OCRs, but Vaffe always manage to blow me away. Why, I could go on for pages and pages about how goooooo.... *unable to finish reply because he's fallen into a pleasant haze listening to this*
  16. HOOT MacGregor! One of the best music games from the NES, and you did it well. Can you do the first stage music too?
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