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  1. I just noticed that the music for the credits isn't included in the first source link. Here is a link for that:
  2. There are several good music tracks in this game, so you can remix whatever you like. Here is a link to the music: I was thinking this music might interest artists like halc or DDRKirby(ISQ), and the style of music can be chiptune / electronic / synth / happy. Those are only suggestions, so feel free to remix it however you like.
  3. 2:38 to 3:00 is amazing. It is like a moment of great aspiration that reaches for the stars.
  4. Innocent nostalgia are the words I think of when listening to this. There is that joyful feeling I associate with halc's remixes, and it works wonderfully with the source and holiday theme.
  5. Beautiful, nostalgic, relaxing, and inspirational to the theme of Zelda. It feels like the ending shouldn't be there though. This is my favorite remix from the Legend of Zelda and one of my favorites of all-time.
  6. Having listened to this more than 1000 times…it is difficult to fully describe how amazing it is. Seems to flow just right and last for eternity as something I’ll never get bored of. I can always imagine this music played in sync with some epic montage that builds up to 2:11, but never really loses its energy even though it reaches 4:24. Makes me feel lucky to have the FLAC version.
  7. When listening to the original Schala's Theme, I can't help but wonder about the drum beat and how it can be remixed. After hearing this high quality remix, it's clear to me that there is a good resemblance to an asian style throughout Schala's Theme. I would love to hear the incorporation of "People of the North Pole" from Final Fantasy X and Schala's Theme, and this remix has come the closest to doing that.
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