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  1. I expanded the size of the graph so it isn't so hard to see
  2. Vote tally 1 minute after voting was closed, minus DarkeSword's vote. And Rexy, I've noticed this happen a few times (the early leader is overtaken by the end). I can't speak for everyone else, but I can tell you that my votes change throughout the week, which is why I wait until the end to vote.
  3. I tallied the votes at the very end. I think that there may have been some last minute switching of votes, but I don't know how it tipped the scales. I'll double check my numbers again, though (but any change from my originally tally may mean that someone changed their vote after voting was closed). EDIT: Nope, my original tally is correct. You may have been off if you counted Sir_NutS's and Gario's votes. After Darke's comments about late voting last week, I am erring on the side of not counting votes made after the deadline. Darke can count those votes at his discretion, though.
  4. No problem! I do it for my own counting purposes, and it isn't hard to upload and share them. EDIT: I've blown up the graphs so they're easier to read.
  5. Nope, you won. Round 8 results (minus DarkeSword's vote) Also, I didn't count C7's vote because DarkeSword made it very clear after last round that he wasn't going to count votes after the deadline. EDIT: Round 6 results Round 7 results
  6. I do, and I'll post those, too, but keep in mind that DarkeSword hasn't voted yet, so they aren't exactly final (I think all of the last three rounds were so close that Darke's vote could make all the difference).
  7. Yep, let me just double check my numbers and I'll get a tally up shortly. Gario, last I checked, you were in first.
  8. That's why I waited until the end to vote. There are so many great entries this week that I have been going back and forth all week.
  9. Yes, it is close right now, but it's hard to tell exactly how close because Rexy changes her votes more often than a Snake Man sheds its skin.
  10. For what it's worth, your mixes have really grown on me and I'm glad that I've gotten exposure to your music, in addition to several other new artists' music in the competition. I also agree with what others have said about the competition being a great place for exposure.
  11. @Gario: no, no problem. I just need to start double checking once the voting is over. @Darke: Mistakes can still be made, apparently, even if you wait until the end to tally. It's still easier for me to enter them as they come in and just go back and double check after voting's closed. It's not like mine's the official one, anyhow, though
  12. Ah crap, now I gotta go back and doublecheck, because I came up with the same end result (purely based on rankings) as you did originally. EDIT: Gario changed his vote from what it originally was. Should've gone back and double checked, I guess. Still going through them all... EDIT #2: Okay, so quite a few people changed their original votes. Here's my updated tally
  13. Here's my independent tally I haven't had a chance to check it against DarkeSword's tally, but it is correct compared to the errors you pointed out in Darke's. EDIT: There's no difference in final ranking for the round between my tally and Darke's tally
  14. I've compiled the votes together in a spreadsheet. I used a formula to make the spreadsheet count the votes itself, thereby taking the human element out of the calculation. In short, if the tallies look to be incorrect, it's because a vote was input incorrectly, so everyone can double check to make sure their vote is correct. It can be viewed here.
  15. I approve of this song. Hoping to see more of the same in the WCRG 2011 from you (you are joining, aren't you?)
  16. Ooooh, I second Saturn's Tengu Man. No one ever thinks about that one.
  17. Oh yeah, that one was my favorite of yours, too! Here are my others TheGuitahHeroe: The Tragic Drowning of Heat Man WillRock: Pull the Plug Neblix: Blackout Tower
  18. I don't know if it had to do with you personally, but people have been freaking out quite a bit in this competition (calling rules dumb, etc). If people freaked out, it wouldn't have been because they were questioning your integrity directly (though it would have been doing that in effect), but just because some people like to raise a stink wherever they can.
  19. Looks like he did end up voting, and for Neblix, but no one's freaking out yet. Have people calmed down?
  20. Yeah, I want to echo what's been said already about the quality of everyone's mixes. I hope to see more from everyone in the future, and I hope these competitions get more popular every year, too. You guys are all extremely talented, and no one should feel badly about losing. Please please PLEASE everyone come back for next year!!
  21. Sorry about that. I actually only triple-checked my work on the two matches that were very close. At least I got those right, huh?
  22. I'll wait a little longer, and then repost the link. Here are the tallies again. Looks like someone wanted to push their luck and vote after the deadline. According to the rules, that doesn't count, so the tallies remain the same as they were up until the deadline.
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