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  1. now, will you be assigning the lyric writing that individuals don't pick up? if so, i'm not sure we can write lyrics if we don't know the structure of the song. also, add your lyrics to the wiki
  2. another thing: as far as adding similarities throughout races, are you going to be looking for specific voice types to group races in addition to choral parts? i think it would be a good idea, but it would be a difficult thing, seeing as it would be so intricate, but it'd make it sound very good. for example, in addition to simply having people with low voices play gorons, we could also encourage grumbly or husky, nick nolte-esque voices. thoughts?
  3. i like! as these songs aren't meant for lyrics originally, hearing someone else's lyrics to an instrumental can be tricky, so we should record demos of each song for the actual vocalists to learn from, so that we can all hear the same things. it'd add cohesiveness and make it easier on the vocalists. we can link to the demos in the wiki for added convenience
  4. i concur with the soldiers and carpenters in the chorus, but i think that they should at least have a line or two saying "here i am! we're represented!" also, i think the postman should get like three lines: one for each day. he'd be short with link in real life, and everyone remembers him from the game, so i don't think it'd be a good idea to ditch him completely. i also don't think he should get a drawn out solo
  5. i like the idea of a poorly sung tingle. his ingame voice clip has plenty of voice cracks already, so i that that would fit nicely. if we do go through with that idea, i would have to point out that you should at least try singing and not ham it up too badly. it can't be so painful to listen to it stops being funny. also, he probably wouldn't get too much time if he was hard to listen to
  6. simply so as to clarify, we're focusing on link and only incorporating characters he encounters for the duration of said encounter, correct?
  7. perfectly fair. i made them in photoshop, so i just needed a quick and easy file type i knew would work everywhere. i can change that very very easily
  8. user spire-III on deviantart made it. what kind of text you thinking? i've been planning on tweaking it just a little to give him credit.
  9. i actually have an album cover and signature image already made if you wanted to take a peek at them. i just now got permission to use them, so i've been keeping quiet about them. but now i can show challs! edit: i had to take the images down, as there was a copyright misunderstanding.
  10. welcome to the site, my friend!

  11. i would imagine that the clock town inhabitants will have a specific style that they will adhere to, regardless of what act or scene it is
  12. i'll set up a page for conversation on the wiki, i think. i also see raycooke every weekday and have his cell number, so i can be his ocr voice

  13. awesome! show us some of what you can do (youtube or mp3, doesn't matter) and we'll letcha know where your help would be best appreciated!
  14. of course, of course. i'm updating the wiki, adding an area for immediate questions for anyone in the know and discussion among those who will be writing. be sure to check it out when it's finished
  15. that's quite the impressive span of instrumentation! how proficient are you in them, just out of curiosity?
  16. well, thanks! but it wasn't my idea. gotta give mangaman credit for this one, but i'm helpin give it wheels. interested? we could use some experienced help! if so, http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=849357&posted=1#post849357
  17. if we were to not go pro, we wouldn't be allowed to use the ocr forums to continue our project. if we did, we'd get tons of publicity, file hosting, and more people
  18. thanks a bundle! do you happen to know off the top of your head if anyone's done a majora's mask project? or a musical project? cuz that's what we're working on
  19. click the link where it says "click here to accept the invitaiton" it should take you to the wiki
  20. How does an album project become an official ocremix project? one has gotten started, and i just wanted to make sure our idea didn't conflict with another that's in the works somewhere or anything. we'd also like the file hosting help and publicity once it's ready, but i'm not sure how we get that. help?
  21. the wiki is UP!! tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com if you're gonna join, you're gonna have to give me your email addresses
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