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  1. this nifty little game had a fabulous little soundtrack, and it surprises me no one's found it sooner. i especially recommend the mt crenel, ezlo appears, mini game, inside a cave, and hyrule castle themes. below is a link to a youtube user with a minish cap playlist. many of the songs are there. thanks! http://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderBlueHero?feature=watch
  2. just a quick clarification and style question. would it be inappropriate or otherwise unethical to use a song on ocremix to demonstrate my singing? as an actor, i have a natural aversion to auditioning for a play with a song from said play, and i just wanted to see if that unspoken rule applies here...
  3. hey, i'd be happy to lend some vocals, if you still need them... i'm pretty new to making music and such, but i've been singing publicly for years, and i take orders well. if you're interested, i can link to something. would that be useful in any way???
  4. Majora's Mask is a phenomenal game. Thusly, it saddens me, and I'm sure many others, that there is such a limited ReMix library for it. As such, I would like to point out that the Clock Town theme has not been ReMixed on this site as of yet, and I'm very interested in seeing what some of the extremely capable musicians who frequent this site could do to it. There are actually three themes in question here, as the song changes as the days go by, becoming more frantic and worried. I have mildly limited abilities on the piano and less limited abilities on the drums, and I would be happy to lend a hand (or foot, as the case may be), given a little direction and advice
  5. my goodness, what a mix! smooth, rich, and so deep. i'll definitely be coming back here for a repeat of that experience. halc and djpretzel both had it right, that bass is amazing. well played, melody. well played, indeed
  6. huzzah! i greatly look forward to more of your work!

  7. classy! i always love a live recorded mix, especially those that are as chill and classy as this one!
  8. dear me. while there are no words for what i've just heard, i'll certainly give it a try. this mix is simply astounding, and pretty darn near perfect. each and every element i heard seemed to suit the mood and environment you create perfectly. i was unsure of how midna's lament would translate into guitar, but the translation was flawless. well done indeed
  9. on the contrary, i find that sample to be fitting, well executed, and generally awesome (though i may be a little biased, as "fight the current" happens to be my favorite Impostor Nostalgia track)
  10. something about rct3 never sat quite right with me... thus, i have yet to hear a track from it i love, embarrassingly enough
  11. let's not forget that rct2 had just as excellent music, not the least of which is the pirate style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDikTQD3tKA&feature=bf_next&list=SPAF339E9D999E4183&lf=list_related ^^ a link for consideration and listening pleasure
  12. this is really sweet! fresh and stylish, and wonderfully chippy. the length (or lack thereof) does not leave anything to be desired, as its length suits it perfectly. all in all, a very well done piece
  13. sooooo many things about this mix make my head spin, not the least of which is the fact that this is c7's debut! the real trumpet makes everything seem more real, not that it didn't already. this mix gave me chills at least four different times. wellllll done, man
  14. it's so bouncy and weird! i love it, especially when i'm driving. it's also interesting when compared to the original...
  15. they are perhaps the two best songs in tloz: oracle of seasons. it seems fitting that one or both of them should be remixed. i would be happy to contribute in some way, vocally or otherwise
  16. i personally find driving at sixty+ mph while blasting this song to be the greatest experience imaginable
  17. the rough quality, in my opinion, simply adds to the charm. this was the very first remix i heard on ocremix, and i fell in love with it and the site there and then. well done lousyspy/tansunn!
  18. i love it!! i absolutely adore the transitions in emotion, from the "entering the abandoned gym" (0:00) to the "realization at what you're looking at" (crescendo at 1:02) to the "dejection at what's past" (around 2:30) an finishing off with the "sad reflection of the happy memories" (shift at 3:58)!!! excellent work
  19. this is so chill! i feel like i should be sitting by a pool with shades on sipping lemonade or iced tea or some other chilled drink as team rocket trips over themselves fleeing a well. good work, and by all means, keep it up
  20. love the signature, dude

  21. hey, you ever wanna start mixing again, all of oc would be happy to have you back. i know i would. also, if you wanted to do a lyrical mix, i'd be happy to do some vocals.

    thanks for so many great mixes!

  22. this mix surpasses a lot of more modern mixes on this site and is easily one of the best gerudo mixes. people shouldn't judge music by its quality or, say, its bit count! isn't that what this site is about? this is an excellent example of a great mix, and anyone who says different needs a serious reality check
  23. this is wonderful. being a singer myself, i appreciate the difficulty in some of the notes you hit, and think you've done an excellent job. the rockyness of the mix is very fitting, and the words you've chosen i find to be fantastic, considering i find them, well... pertinent. keep this up, i adore lyricals
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