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  1. i would prefer facebook, to be honest. i have a better grip on how the chatting works and such. i'll get the wiki set up asap. i've recruited my friend raycooke as a writer as well, he's currently a finalist in a no-nonsense play competition in our state, so i told him about us. when he heard, he went home that day and set up an account. unfortunately, he hasn't been granted approval by a mod or whatever needs to happen before he becomes a full member. he also plays bass and sings baritone/tenor. i spoke to him today, and he was really excited to get to work with us, so he's on his way.
  2. gotta say. i'm a fan of that username you've got yourself there

  3. opinion time! should the deku palace remix encompass the bean salesman ("nommmmmmmm")? if so, in the main theme or with a different melody inside the span of the song or what? i'm not sure what to do with that point at all, so i'm open to all ideas!
  4. is there a relatively public place we'll be compiling the lyrics to ensure that there are no contradictions or overlaps? i'd be happy to manage that, i just need to know what you're thinking. a wikispace would most likely be used, as it's publicly available for viewing but editing is restricted
  5. tuba? mind if i utilize that for the deku palace we're working on? that song would love a little brass, i should think.
  6. so shall we begin to string together some semblance of a plot? i have begun writing some lyrics for the deku palace, and i wanted to make sure that my lyrics didn't conflict with anyone else's. i introduce the deku king and his palace, but i didn't have any lyrics by the butler, yet. i'll have to replay that part of the game to remember the actual series of events. but it looks like i'm gonna absorb the sonata of awakening when the monkey teaches it as well. how much sampling of in-game sound effects will be acceptable? i don't plan on using too much, i'm just wondering what would be acceptable. sorry about the barrage of questions...
  7. hmmmmmm, weighing both of those titles, i'd still go with tears of the moon... i'd like to mention that i did give it a good consideration, though. I was going for a reference to the "moon's tear" item that starts the trade sequence off, and i fear that might get lost with lunar tears... i have a prospective album cover and signature image if you'd like to see the title in action. i can, however, only show you, as i have not yet obtained permission to use it. it may help you warm up to the title, though. if you wanna see them, pm me
  8. my skype name should be malachampion, though i have no promises that that's accurate. I've begun work on a perspective album cover and signature image, but i need to wait for permission to use an image. i'll keep you posted on that.
  9. i do have a skype, and i'm free pretty much every day after 5:30, except mondays. it has also come to my attention that "the dark side of the moon" is a copyrighted pink floyd album, so that may cause some problems...
  10. i also had the same thought about ikana being a sort of opera area. it has that wide-open feel to it, and i think the tracks would lend themselves nicely to that sort of vocals. a question. in the final act, when all hell's breaking loose over termina, does that mean that each style of music (rock, opera, orchestral, etc) will be competing? that could lend a great deal of chaos to the experience. also, my 13-year-old sister might be up to playing pamela, romani, or one of the younger roles, though i have yet to ask her. i'll letcha know
  11. will do! we needed a kick in the pants like this. also, i'm not sure if i already did this, but i suggest the title "tears of the moon" sorry if i already have, but i don't wanna miss that opportunity xD
  12. i'm interested in skull kid. i'm a post-pubescent tenor, so i can get up to some relatively high notes for a guy... will there be an audition process? also, i reccommend reserving some of your rights, as director, to shift parts based on your discretion, but not after a certain point
  13. oh! and for the different forms of link, we can have different orchestral sections or genres! but that might already be somewheres in the fine print. if so, don't mind me
  14. many thanks, let's get rolling. this's gonna be a lot of work...

  15. i'll have links coming soon for vocals, and i and a friend have already started something with the deku palace theme, so i'd kinda like some dibs on that. as for link's voice, i vote silent protagonist, in keeping with zelda tradition, but i think if we have tatl constantly buzzing around his head talking to him, we could use musical phrases to convey his gestured responses. and as for a title, definitely something involving the moon. probably to the effect of of "tears of the moon." thoughts?
  16. just a word choice thing. opera might scare some vocalists away: it's rather difficult and has a propensity to be potentially boring. i would recommend the use of the word "operetta," as it's...less well known. some well known operettas are (all by tim rice and andrew lloyd webber) Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, Evita, and Jesus Christ superstar. the latter is considered a rock opera. simply food for thought
  17. ah, how funny is timing. i am both an aspiring writer and vocalist, plus i dabble in piano and, more recently, violin. i also have a number of close friends who are vocalists, and can throw my voice to sound like different(ish) people (or races, as the case may be). needless to say, i'm all for this as a project. i have found it frustrating that ocr is lacking mm remixes AND vocal mixes. you have my vote
  18. that sounds interesting and fabulous...i eagerly await such a song.
  19. for that matter, why not either of the other smash bros. themes? melee: brawl:
  20. there is, as far as i can see, only one fire emblem mix on the site, and it's from the japanese original for the nes. the first game to come out in the us was, unless i'm wrong, for the gba. it, and all the subsequent games in the series, had very unique and beautiful musical scores. the games deserve a little more love than it seems like they're getting. i would like to point out one song in particular from the gba game "fire emblem," called "together we ride." it is the same song as was used to represent fire emblem in ssb: melee. a link is below! thanks muchly, cth
  21. sounds fabulous, thanks for the clarification. i'll have something for you soon!
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