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  1. yeah, i dont see this limiting people, not on a regular basis anyway. one night might be a certain genre tag but a week later i may browse by game, or artist or any number of things. i like to think of my music in terms of cravings and consumption, sometimes ill eat just about anything but some days i NEED that cheeseburger! and sweet, thanks for the link liontamer
  2. hey, ive been an avid fan for years now, well i guess i cant say that. ive never touched the forums. ok so ive been a starving leech for years now and i thought i give a heartfelt hello to the community. i think the world of this site, its community and all it stands for. i daydream of mixing and remixing and oh the phenomenal obscure chip diddies id rebirth...but i digress, i adore all of you who can and do all so freely. 4 full heart pieces to you all. thanks you so much keep it up...(also, if youre feeling the dubstep vibe id give you my red ring!)
  3. while i NEVER use the genre tabs to sort music in my music players i would love to see some sort of filtering or tags for remixes by genre. not game genre but the type of remix it is. i say this because right now im obsessed with dubstep. so shoot me. i know its zelda's 25th this year and i should be collecting everything hyrulian from piano solos to swanky rupee jazz but really all i want right now is dirty coarse dubstep, and ill take it in the form of megaman, zelda, metroid or any other game ive never played. next month who knows maybe ill be into chiptunes or trance or metal and thell ill
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