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  1. What I meant was: for example, in the first passage, shouldn't the half note "touch" the quarter note? -third beat immediately after the second beat, same with those two A#. Not as if they were tied together, just one note played right after the other... you got it right in the second passage with those G# and A in the bass. Thanks to both of you for explaining velocity to me, it's clear now.
  2. Oh, I remember my first Final Fantasy... the music was just EPIC! Everyone loves Terra/Tina's theme, right? Greetings, folks
  3. neblix, great mini-tutorial! Thanks for taking your time. Ah, perfect, that was one of my main questions! So, if I'm writing sixteenth and eighth notes the notes will all fit exactly in a certain number of squares, and then if I need to write some triplets, I just change the grid so that tuplets fit to it, right? ..and when I change the grid back to sixteenth notes, the triplets I wrote will look out of place in the grid, like in the middle of two squares, right? Me neither... although I think he got some of the durations wrong, but the idea is there. One last couple of questions: those yellow vertical lines at the bottom, what are they? and, in a piano roll, velocity is the same or similar to tempo/bpm in standard notation?, those two passages would be in 127bpm?
  4. Thank you all for replying and trying to help me out. I'll just play around with FL's piano roll and try to get used to it. Could someone please tell how to write this two passages in a piano roll? ..that would be a good start... and (first passage is in 3/4 and second one in 3/8 ) Thanks, mates
  5. Thanks, Rozovian, great advise! Any plugins you recommend? I guess a symphonic suite will do for now. I thought EZdrummer Drums from Hell or something like that was great for metal... I heard that it was used to create all the drums in one of Meshuggah's albums.
  6. Thank you all for replying. I didn't replied before 'cause I went out right after I posted this thread. That's my plan, actually; I'm writing a score with a lot of instruments and I want to save it as musical notation with modern musical symbols, not as piano roll with red and green squares... what if I forget the notes and want to perform it live sometime in the future? I think it would be easier if I just read the sheet instead of figuring out the notes by looking at the DAWs keyboard. I mean, you wouldn't play Ponce's Thème varié et Finale reading a piano roll instead of the actual sheet, right? The dilemma here is that, as you said, I don't want my performance to sound inhuman... I guess I'll do everything once, first in Finale to actually keep it as sheet music for the future, and then in Cubase or FL Studio for humanizing and using virtual instruments. Well, I guess that's kinda obvious (no offense). I just don't get how can I write much more complex rhythms in a piano roll, like pickups, syncopation, tuplets, grace notes, etc. Anyone care to explain it to me? How's that? Truth is I've never sat down and tried to figure it out by myself. I'll try to write some passages with FL Studio's piano roll and just get used to it... Thanks again
  7. Hello. Well, actually, right now my only gear is a damn USB microphone, so... First of all, my remixes will be in the style of symphonic and power metal with synths. I'm planning to mic my guitar amp, I'll use Cubase 5 for that; and I'll use Finale 2011 for all my composition (orchestration, arranging, strings, etc.) and then import into Cubase 5 with VST or something... I don't get that "piano roll" thing in DAWs, there's nothing like standard musical notation for complex stuff. Then I'll do the drums and probably bass with EZdrummer or similar/better. Any suggestions?, a better way to do what I'm planning to do?, should I use X piece of software instead of Y? ...FL Studio? btw, no, right now I can't afford a keyboard nor better gear... Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey, folks I've been following OCReMix since 2003-2004 now, and finally decided to create an account here and share some of my work; hope you like it! I've a degree in music (licentiate) and been studying music formally for about 5 years now, and counting. I'm well-skilled in arrangement & orchestration, as well as in musical performance with both acoustic and electric guitars. I mostly like classical, flamenco, jazz, manouche, metal and videogame* music. See you around. *obviously...
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