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  1. Exactly. It shouldn't be difficult to change "status=" from "inactive" to "active," and "deadline=" to whatever the new deadline will be. But apparently their code is a pile of spaghetti. Oh well, onward and upward.
  2. I can't believe you guys weren't able to get the old Kickstarter back. This is seriously disappointing. I'm sorry, OCR, but unfortunately, I don't think there's any choice except for me to double my pledge.
  3. Very interesting that the issue is now with Kickstarter and not Square-Enix. If they're really being that hardheaded, there are always other options ... indiegogo, for instance, as well as others. Though I'm sure you all know that Looking forward to the eventual resolution! In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to mod the new PC release of FF7 with VotL music.
  4. While I agree with you on the substance, this point is a little bit off. S-E has released arranged albums with songs from FFVI at a steady pace. In fact, Piano Opera IV/V/VI just came out a few months ago.
  5. Yeah, yeah. Kickstarter has evolved. Obviously this one existed mostly to cover expenses for the FFVI physical album, but if you think none of that money was going to go to expenses for OCR at-large, I'd say you're fooling yourself. And yes, there is precedence for this, the most obvious example being the Penny-Arcade Kickstarter which is apparently a yearly fundraiser to cover business expenses and which got a big ol' thumbs up from the Kickstarter admins. It's my feeling and experience that Kickstarter doesn't really care too much what you do with it as long as you're not breaking laws or ma
  6. But money has already changed hands. Why do you think the people have donated to OCR in the past? Does it have nothing to do with the remixes of copyrighted works hosted there? Of course it does, it would be absurd to suggest otherwise. So I suppose you could say that OCR should have asked for a license just because of the level of scrutiny when compared to the other remixes (although I dislike that you call them "free," since it's implying the FFVI remixes weren't. That's false. The FFVI remixes were to be posted completely free as well). But saying that there was some sort of legal or moral
  7. I'm gonna be honest, all the "Why didn't OCR get a license, how stupid are they?" people are really pissing me off. Not least of which because it should be (and arguably is) legal to create derivative works, but because this applies equally to any other remix. Seriously, how many of you remixers have talked to Square-Enix or any other IP holder before submitting a remix? If you think the fact that they were raising money off of this makes it somehow different, well, legally, you're incorrect. The law in many cases doesn't really differentiate between giving a way a derivative work or selling
  8. Yup, OCR has at least $50 from me regardless. But I was really looking forward to physicals of FF6 and FF7!
  9. This seriously sucks! I was really excited for this project. What a shitty end to a shitty day :-/
  10. Kate's doing another song? Yes. YEEEESSSS!
  11. Uematsu's music has dominated my imagination since the first time I played Final Fantasy VI. He's a legend.
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