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  1. To me, Funky MonkeyLove was just an example of a nerd who can't sing worth shit. When the lyrics started, I realized, holy shit, we have here a nasally-voiced internet dullard who was hoping he'd sound sexy when his strands of emotionless come-on-and-suck-my-dick lyrics were converted to MP3 format and forced through computer speakers. Oh well, at least AeroFunkNamic was good. Something I have to say about ThrashThePlank, though, is that SnappleMan would have done well to put more work into the percussion. His electric guitar work is superb, but what really made the original catchy was the unforgettable drum patterns and structuring... And I'd have liked to see more of that in the remix.
  2. This was the first OC Remix I ever listened to, and it has a sort of... ethereal... quality to it. The tune at the beginning seemed to herald not from the old computer speakers, but from my own mind. I spotted quite a bit of what sounds like Descent 3 influence in the general makeup of the song... This remix certainly fits the world of Brinstar, mysterious and lonely, technology present but shrouded in gloom... A great piece, worthy of recognition.
  3. This is a great Super Metroid remix, quite unique, and fits perfectly with the mood of the level... Except for something that could be addressed. It's the rending, cacophonous shriek at the beginning. Shredding the listener's eardrums might improve the perceived quality of other remixes on this site, but in this case, the only effect of the opera-singer-with-laryngitis wail at the beginning is to ruin the whole mood of the piece.
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