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  1. Never played the game, but damn, this song fucking kicks ass. I can't really find anything to criticize here. Someone should definetly make a DWI for this.
  2. What can I say? I'm lovin' this (bababababa). Some pretty nice guitar work going down, which is the beef of this one. Drums are pretty average, but they fit the requirements for a song like this. The ending took me off-guard, way to sudden. I guess that's the only thing I can really criticize about this one. I'm recommending this one pretty highly. Nice work, and happy Thanksgiving.
  3. This is sexy! Seriously, I'm loving the hell out of this mix. The arrangement is so well done, it blows my mind. Only thing I would have done differently, as some others discussed before, would have the sax do a bit more, go a little crazy. The playing seems a bit conservative, in my opinion. Other than that, I'm in love with this. A big thanks to Neostorm for making my shitty week a hell of a lot better.
  4. Hmm, as with most, I think it's the intro that bugs me the most. Maybe it's the drum pattern that bugs me, the volume of the drums, or that annoying scratch sample in the background. Anyway, I started enjoying this when it got cookin' at about '38. Hmm, the GM sounds...I guess those can be ignored, but like another reviewer said, the slap bass is annoying, especially when it's soloing. But besides that, I found myself enjoying this remix, and it will be going on my next CD I burn. "I've got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell!"
  5. Words can't describe how much I love this song. It's so damn happy and fun...I've been singing it to myself all day. The lyrics are rather well written...they brought a smile to my face. Love the voice effects and the instrumentation too. This song has to be one my favorites here. I love it.
  6. This song needs some <3. Big time. While the opening didn't strike me as outstanding, the rest of the mix makes up for it. There's some really groovy stuff going on in the background, which is nice, because I didn't really like the lead instrument....that is, until 1'15 when it switches to a lower selection, which sounds much nicer. The drums in this mix are hot. Love the 303's. I love the ending too...it's a fade, but it switches to a loveley pattern. This ain't rubbish at all. Come on...it's C64, that should be reason enough to download it.
  7. This mix...incredible. Right off the bat at '10, those effects kick in...they rock. The thing I love about this mix are all the counter melodies that come and go, and the effects in the background. They keep the song fresh, because the main melody seems to repeat over and over. 1'12, that little sixteenth pattern going on fucking rules. A lot of thought and effort were put into these, and it keeps you listening for the full 5. Pitch bends = . Simply put...wow. The drums...love em'. Good variation, good choice of drums. Overall, a fine, fine remix. Mazedude's impressed me before (he remixed Boy and his Blob, and that makes me his love for life), and he continues to do so here. <3
  8. Now that you mention it, I can hear it. I'm a huge Underworld fan. A good purchase, if I do say so myself. This mix...IT FUCKING ROCKS. I wouldn't call it new or groundbreaking...but damn, it's fun to listen to. There are some damn great effects going on. The thing that comes in at 1'06 I really loved. I wasn't bothered by the 1'20 section all. The Bass Drum sample is not FL, I can tell. I guess I was a little disapointed with the ending, but that's my only complaint. This is a fucking great song Beatdrop. This one will be in the playlist for a long time. Much <3
  9. Wow. Simply wow. This mix = fucking incredible. Everything about it blends so well. I've been listening to it for about an hour now, and as endblink put it, it's still incredible. I usually don't review much either, but I just had to type something up for this song. It's that good. I've never heard of Portishead, so I think I'm gonna go check that out tonight. Download it now...you'd be missing out if you didn't.
  10. What a great remix name . I tell you, it's about midnight here in Wisconsin, but I'm shakin' my ass all around the room listening to this. Nice, solid beat goin' on, very good mixing. I love the instrument that comes in at about '25. The Fear of the Lord samples are the icing on the cake, they fit in perfectly. Wasn't too keen on the laughing, but maybe that's just me. Overall, this is a great mix, but I don't think it was as good as d0d0's previous mix, which is one of my favorite mixes at the moment. Still, very good stuff, and deserves your download. Oh, and has anyone here besides d0d0 actually played this game?
  11. Oh man, this is some friggin' awesome stuff. The intro just blew me away. All the instruments are perfect, and the mixage is tight. I've never heard the original, so I've got nothing to compare it to. Even if you're not into world music, give this a download. Wonderful stuff, and Kudos to Protricity for doing something fresh.
  12. Man, this is cool. I only recently started playing IoG (picked it up in the summer), but love the game already. Instant classic, and an easy game to pick up. This remix really rocks. The intro almost reminds me of Kraid's theme from Metroid. I loved the flute sample, actually. Took me a listen or two to hear the original overworld theme. The guitar really shines towards the end. Overall, great work, very reccomended.
  13. Wow...didn't know what to expect downloading this song, but after hearing it several times, I must say that I truly enjoyed this. Those bagpipes are the perfect fit for Spekkio's theme. The snare drum was perfect, also. Overall, this mix was fucking brilliant, and deserves your attention. 10/10
  14. Boy and his Blob...boy, do I have memories of playing that game. To this day, I still can't beat the damn game. Always die in the fucking factory...oh yes, I have a review to write. This remix is killer. Mazedude has an incredible amount of talent. You will download this now.
  15. This mix was quite enjoyable, although a little short. Download it now. http://remix.overclocked.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR00652
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