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  1. I honestly think unless the Wii Sonic turns out to be something spectacular, it may be time to let someone else have a go at the 3D part of the series. Or at the very least, bring in some fresh blood to help Sonic Team. Sometimes when you work on something for so long, you can't see what's potentially wrong with it until you get an outside perspective. And frankly, I'm wondering if Sonic Team can see how broken parts of the latest games are.

    Actually, this is pretty much what's already happened. The man at the helm of SSR (Ogawa) has worked with the series before, but never in the leadership role he's had this time. Moreover, Iizuka, Naka and friends haven't touched the game. And it shows. If I'm not mistaken, even the actual staff making the game has more guys from elsewhere in Sonic Team as opposed to the usual bunch. They've said that there were effectively two different teams working on the game (one for the SP, one MP), and that's with the next gen title also being in full development at the same time. It isn't quite as drastic a move as outright licensing the series to another developer, but it's the closest thing you're going to see.

  2. See that you have to do the code using a special pattern. UP (wait), UP, DOWN (wait), DOWN, UP (wait), UP (wait), UP (wait), UP.

    Since the Genesis controler can't press UP-DOWN at the same time, you will understand that you have to succeed pressing UP and one fame and DOWN at the next frame with no interruption!

    (wait) simply means you must have at least 1 frame of interruption between button presses.

    Sonic 3 was made in Japan on 50 Hz PAL so I guess it's extreamly hard on NTSC 60 Hz. However, it is possible to do the code. I did this code with NTSC 60 Hz enabled in Gens. I succeed most of the times. I got the pattern from testing frames and key presses with a debugger, so this is the only way, and it works.

    Original topic.

    Anyway, glad to see this is nearly done. Loving the teaser tracks, site design is amazing, etc. :)

  3. The "real" ending doesn't cover the Sonic 3 tunes in the first place, which is somewhat against the spirit of the project. Even if you only did the S&K tunes, that's at seven or eight zones in one song, which would be difficult to combine into a cohesive track that anyone would want to listen on its own merit, and even worse if you toss Sonic 3 zones in besides. It just makes more sense to mix one song, instead of trying to combine fourteen into a single megamix.

    However, I will say the real ending would appeal to everybody moreso than doing a different games' ending for the xth time.

    I personally prefer the Sonic 3 ending anyway, and wish they would've used it in S3&K instead of the S&K ending, which doesn't do the full game justice.

  4. There was an "l" missing from mario's "Sonikku Ganbattle!"

    Nah. The 'l' was never supposed to be there, if you read his post a page or two up.

    01 Titles

    02 Angel Island

    03 Hydrocity

    04 Marble Garden

    05 Carnival Night

    06 Ice Cap (everyone's favorite)

    07 Launch Base

    08 Mushroom Hill

    09 Flying Battery

    10 Sandopolis

    11 Lava Reef

    12 Hidden Palace (a very different version of Lava Reef)

    13 Sky Sanctuary

    14 Death Egg

    15 Doomsday

    14 zones, 5 races, main title/invincible, menu, race results, 3 bonus stages, special stage, Knuckles' theme, 3 boss themes, Sonic 3 credits.

    That should be everything. 31 total, but the bonus stages could be mixed into one track, and race results isn't exactly important (or nearly as catchy as its Sonic 2 counterpart).

    This could be done, with better initial management than HH and a little cooldown time. Good luck to anyone crazy enough to try and pull one together. :P

  5. Ahhhhh. This was on VGMix before it went down, so it's nice to see it here. A very nice, moody arrangement of "Composition in Q" from the best shooter ever. Unfortunately, it's also a rather unknown tune, since it's only played once in the whole game (although the music combined with the storyline there is easily one of the most moving gaming moments). Great stuff. Perhaps this will alert more people to the incredible. Tyrian soundtrack. </wildhope>

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