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  1. Hah, wasn't expecting to find an old remix from the guy who's actually scoring DOOM these days. Keep on living the dream, Mick.
  2. Sonic 3D Blast Saturn uses bits of its main vocal theme throughout almost the entire soundtrack.
  3. Fun games tonight as always, OCR. Even if Bahamut does like making me eat crit rockets. ;(
  4. This is an issue with your keyboard, not the game.
  5. Magus bases his take on the Mega Man universe off of Maelgrim's version, but there are a lot of differences in the details and the quality of Magus's writing isn't as good until his later fics. Regardless, their works (and Erico's) come highly recommended.
  6. The Rocket Arm is hidden where it always is, but the method of access has changed since Rush Search is out. Proto Man's locations are all the same as well, so I'm not sure why he wouldn't be showing up. The passwords don't save his encounters, just the shield, so that might be part of it.
  7. Both the Rocket Arm and Proto Man fight/shield are in the game, I assure you.
  8. No opening stage, no Robot Museum. Aside from that the game is a near-perfect recreation, but with the superior speed and physics of the NES titles. I'll never be able to go back to the original, myself.
  9. I see the internet still immediately goes into denial every time a Sonic game is announced. It isn't fake. There's no one within the Sonic community capable of or willing to do that kind of professional render, and no one outside of it gives enough of a damn to bother because Sega is quite capable of coming up with ludicrous concepts on their own. They're trying to use jpeg artifacting as evidence of photoshopping. Never mind the absurdity of a Sonic/Fire Emblem crossover.
  10. Probably Secret Rings 2. Bizarre, but no more ludicrous than any of the other concepts Sega has put the series through in recent years.
  11. That's the funny thing about it. We got stomped on parts 1 and 2, and it wasn't until you (and...Bahamut, I think) switched over that it started feeling even. And then the whole team just suddenly started slaughtering everything that moved for a few minutes. Your ping issue is strange but not surprising, given Source's tendency to produce inexplicable bugs for no apparent reason. As for maps, I'll throw in another vote for Gravel Pit. If custom maps are an option, ctf_casbah is good fun.
  12. wheeeeeeee Thanks medics, you guys really rocked that game. Well, keep in mind that the Valve deathmaps are comprised of thousands and thousands of kills. For a single player, even a few hundred kills isn't going to result in very strong hotspots if you have any tendency to move around the map.
  13. To everyone who was playing engineer tonight: You're on my list.
  14. You are welcome to continue reading my mind if it means you keep catering to my whims and desires. Likewise, I keep hearing good things about it, but ever since I suddenly found myself employed, I haven't had the time to go trawling through TF2 maps as much as I'd like to. As for the medic story, well, that's why I make a point of trying to uber the guys near the top of the scoreboard. ;p
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