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    Hiya! My name is Britt. I'm about to be a graduate of the University of North Texas with a a degree in acting with a focus in music. I have a strong background in opera (mezzo-soprano) as well as musical theatre.

    I have directed as well as performed in the English adaptation of the visual novel Koenchu. I provided the voices for characters as well as performed the opening song for the game.

    I'm most comfortable behind a mic doing voice overs or on a stage singing my heart out.
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    Have sung in various languages and styles
  1. I'm a professional VO from the Dallas area. Please email me the lines you need to

    I can send you my resume as well as demos if needed.

  2. Just checking in about the project. Do you have the song track ready? I wanted to hear it before I attempted to write anything. Though I might recruit a friend who is much more into the fandom and a better writer than I to help. :)

  3. I have been doing a TON of voice over projects for businesses. However, I got a moment to audition for a fan project for the anime Macross Frontier. I have a short piece I can send you if you're interested.

  4. Hey:)

    The audio you sent me before was great. How was your summer? I just posted a new vid

    Been working on anything new/ can I hear some of it?

    Take care

  5. Yep . I'm a bit new to the forums so I'm learning how it works as well.

  6. Contact: chibibritt ( at ) gmail (dot) come Here is the opening for the game Koenchu. It's currently on sale for the U.S. market. That's all I have uploaded online at this time, however I perform live on stage more often than not. It's usually for musical theatre and opera, but I'm flexible. Also languages aren't an issue for the most part.
  7. Hello, is this a private msg?

  8. I'm letting you know I am available for the Hylian Melodies project to anyone needing female vocals. I am a mezzo-soprano with a degree in theatre with a concentration in music (musical theatre and opera). Thanks!