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  1. Cool! Do you have any chiptunes I could listen to?
  2. Hi! I guess it's not evident, my music on OCR is here:https://ocremix.org/artist/12710/eino-keskitalo

    Did you ever figure out that DOS RPG you were asking about in 2013? :)

  3. I haven't been on these forums for years and years now, so I wasn't completely sure where to post this (mods are free to move it to the correct location if needed). I'm working on a Gameboy game, using GB Studio, which needs to be done in little over a month from now. I'm working hard on the graphics and script and programming and all that (I'm alone on this project), but the music is still nowhere. I can't for the life of me create any usable music. I've learned to use MilkyTracker enough to create something, but without a musical bone in my body the point is moot. I might be able to put together some sound effects using the noise-channel and stuff, but music-wise I'm screwed. So since I'm panicking a bit I thought it would be best to ask for help in that department. What I need is music for the actual Gameboy, using a tracker and saved in .mod format (correct instruments can be found in a template file provided by GB Studio). It will be around 10 tracks or so, perhaps a couple more. They don't have to be super advanced songs, some can just be simple melodies. I can provide more details for those that are interested. This project is not something I will be selling or anything, it's actually just a suprise gift for my closest friends. But with the time constraint I can understand if some sort of compensation is needed. I probably can't offer much, but probably something at least. We can discuss it. Also, anyone interested needs to of course be able to show that they can compose chiptune music using the Gameboy's restrictions!
  4. I've checked all your suggestions, and Dungeon Master is the closest thing to what I remember, but it's still not quite right. I don't remember any rooms where you chose your champions, for example, I think you were just kind of thrown into the game. I'm starting to think I might have to find a list of all DOS rpgs ever or something, and just check every single one. I just can't seem to let this go. If anyone has any more suggestions, I'm open to them!
  5. I've been thinking recently a bit about the games I played on our old 386 computer as a kid, and there was one game that I bought for my own saved up money and really liked, although it was really hard. Now I can't seem to remember its name or much about it, but maybe you guys know of it? What I can remember is this: It is a fantasy RPGish game for MS-DOS (possibly Windows 3.1), which came on 3 or 4 floppy disks, where you see from a first person kind of perspective. You move around in screens (klick och press arrows to go to next screen or turn left/right to different screens) and you start in some sort of dungeon. It's pretty dark and I think you find a short sword very quickly. I think you fight some skeletons here, but I'm not sure. If I remember correctly you can have several people in your party, but I don't remember if they're with you from the start or if you meet them in the dungeon as you go along. If someone died (in your party or a monster) they usually turned into a pile of rags and bones, I think. This is unfortunately all I can remember, but hopefully it's something to go on. I hope you can help me!
  6. Finally! I remember finding this in the WiP-forum and being blown away, and since then I've had it on my phone listening to it now and then. This morning I had it set as my wake-up song, so I woke up very softly and nice. Then, when I sit down by the computer, what mix has finally been posted? This! Great work again, Daybreaker, really hope you get your other stuff up here as well!
  7. If there are any kind European players out there who have the game, with a couple of Guest Passes they just can't seem to get rid of, I would be honored to take one off your hands. Please. Please?
  8. I was being shot at with muskets in Brotherhood, weren't you? Also, the stealth in AC1 felt a lot more optional than it did in AC2 and Brotherhood (haven't played Revelations yet). In many of the missions in AC2 and AC:B stealth was required to complete it, and not just a handy way to go about it.
  9. Yeah, I know about Movember, but it's not a well known thing in the rest of Sweden. So here I'm doing my own thing.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum for this, but if any moderator feels that it isn't feel free to move it. Here in Sweden I have started a charity project, with the goal of raising money for research about prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in Sweden (not sure about the rest of the world, unfortunately) but it is usually hushed down, since there seems to be some sort of stigma around it. I want to create awareness and help raise money to fight this disease. The idea is that I wear a new tie every day during 2012. That means it will be a total of 366 ties. As I write this I am on my 61st tie, so the project has come far already! Now, after wearing each tie I put it up for auction on the Swedish version of eBay (called Tradera) and all the proceeds from each auction go straight to the Fund against Prostate cancer. Any auction fees or shipping costs I pay from my own pocket, so in a sense it's more like you donate money and get a tie for your trouble. Now, the reason why I write about this here is that I need more ties. I have about 120 of them right now, which almost all of them have been donated to the project by people showing their support. What I'm looking for right now isn't quantity, but stories. If anyone here has a tie that they might be willing to part with, that has some sort of history, I'd love to hear that story and I'd be honored if you would want to donate it to the project. Unfortunately, it is a Swedish project and I blog about it every day with pictures of each tie but since it's all in Swedish it might not seem very relevant to you. You might be able to use Google Translate if you want to read more about it, at http://www.enslipsomdagen.se (the name of the project is "En slips om dagen" which means simply "a tie every day"). I can understand if you're not interested or not able to help out, but I thought I'd ask anyways. I know this forum is filled with a lot of good people, and even if I only get one tie out asking here I'd be happy as every little bit helps. So, think about it and let me know if you're interested.
  11. Can't... stop... looping Heartburn of Death... argh! As in awesome. As in, the whole album. Yay!
  12. Also, Extra Creditz featured this WiP as their end credits song last week. Reminded me of this thread, and the fact that the song hasn't been completed yet (unless it is being done in secret for the Metroid Prime project perhaps?).
  13. Just checking in about the project. Do you have the song track ready? I wanted to hear it before I attempted to write anything. Though I might recruit a friend who is much more into the fandom and a better writer than I to help. :)

  14. Yes, we are still recruiting! The project has been a bit inactive for a while, but that is about to change. I have updated the rules in the first post, so be sure go and read them! Also, several tracks have opened up and more might follow, due to lack of contact from the artists. So, if you've wanted to do a certain track before but it wasn't available, then check again! It might just be now.
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