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  1. *SPOILERS SURE TO BE ABOUND* i enjoyed the movie a lot... i'll preface this with that... i thought it was an entertaing movie... but here's my gripe: i feel like every game, you eventually find out that the main character is crazy... Silent Hill is a very psyche intensive game... you slowly find that things aren't what they seem... i felt like the movie didn't do this... The movie was more about a real-world (though supernatural) phenomenon... a woman loses her girl in a hellish nightmare of a macabre world... but never did it come to light that it was all in her head... like, if it had come to light that she had killed her daughter 10 years ago... that would have seemd more silent hill-y to me... i dunno.. just my two cents...
  2. 2,3,1,4 here.... still a bit screwed because of it... but i eventually went back and played them all in order....
  3. i didn't read through some of the last posts because i;m too excited to, so if this is a repeat, sorry but toward the end of that trailer, when they show the silent hill sign... anyone notice it has an "in theaters......" text at the top?!?!?!?! it looks like 6/21/06 to me... but my copy is too grainy to be sure... anyone else see this?!
  4. me and two buddies have religiously played the first three... they all come over... and we stay up all night to beat it... our SH4 party is set for tomorrow... w00t!
  5. They didn't necessarily think that giving him a big head would be scary, but that if they dehumanised him further than just covering his face he'd be scarier. And they were right, it was scarier than just a man in a mask. People know how to kill a man...but very few know how to slay demons. but... man... seeing a dude, standing htere, totally motionless behind those bars in a mask (when we first see pyramid head)... that would be a whole lot scarier, i do believe... that's just my two cents though, cause i love the theories you've given
  6. anyone see the MTV 2004 movie awards? was it me, or were the little CGI movies totally Silent Hill? i liked them... there were some really cool ones
  7. the init to position thing didn't work... any other suggestions. (when i say "didn't work", i mean that it did the same thing: as soon as i pressed play again, it changed the volume back to the original)
  8. I'm VERY new to frutiy loops so i am trying to learn a few things via trial and error, but i can't figure this out: When i import a midi, and apply sound fonts, how do i change teh volume of a single instrument? I change it while it is playing and it stays where i put it. And even after i push stop, the little knob is still in the same position. but as soon as i push play, it snaps back to the original volume... anyone know how to prevent this?
  9. this has got to be one of the funniest things ever... she is so fucking smashed
  10. Liontamer is getting the hook up from gamer babes!!!11!!1!one!!1 (drunk ones at that)
  11. man... this rocks. I love it when that voice comes in... very cool.
  12. got a question: Are there any FREE services out there that i could upload a picture to link too WITHOUT having to change the file name to .txt?
  13. or, if you are just simply anal about perfect intonation Ok, that may be so, but i think if it were all on key, it would be 100 times better. As someone said before, the vocals start out ok but by the end of the song, the vocals are WAY off key. And like i said before, i freaking love this song, but i just want it to reach its full potential, and i think that that can be reached by spot on vocals.
  14. Ok, if you had a decent ear, it would be very painful...
  15. Yeah... i love this... but it is ruined by the vocals... (sorry ) Don't get me wrong though, i think if you got someone who could sing really well, this would be the most kick ass thing ever. But for a singer as myslef, this is painful to listen too. I really hope you will get someone else to sing your lyrics for this. Now, past the vocals: this is probably one of my favorite songs on the site... i just love when the bass gets in... it's great. Just hope you will re-work the vocals. P.S. I REALLY wanna hear the update so PM me when you have it up
  16. It needs 20% more Asian men in "black-face". I thought so to...
  17. hey, just made this new sig. Whadya think?
  18. I really like this as well... but for someone, i can't get off the drums... they just sound...off... to me...
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