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  1. Kudos to DJ Crono! I've been a crono fanboy since his first remix, and each one just sounds so unique and individual, its awesome. They retain the overall feel of the song, but kind of intensify the emotion the song conatins. This is a VERY polished remix and you can tell Crono put a ton of time in on it. I think that his work ethic really shows in the deep way that the synth and the vocals kind of mix together to create a sickeningly cool beat. All in all, DJ Crono continues to amaze and rock out, I await your next remix! PS> feel like dropping a little bit of a hint about it? cause I can think of like 30 songs or so that would benefit from the Crono treatment, but just keep doing your thing man, YOU ROCK! sean
  2. I'm sorry alfador, but I really have to shoot your post down. Not only are you doing a horrid job of explaining yourself, you are knocking on one of my favorite remixers of all time, not just limited to this site, this song is exquisitely done, every aspect of it. The original song was one of my favorite game tracks ever, and I was initially skeptical of any kind of remix to it, if it aint broke, why fix it? then I downloaded and saw that compared to the remix, the original was indeed quite broke. The beat is fantastic, and totally flows with the song. The lyrics are soulful and intelligent, they are unhurried and resonate with the accents of the keyboard/synth, everything flows together to create an utterly beautiful song that seems to be timeless, the cd its on hasn't come out of my car yet. Everything seems purposeful and adds to the song, the best example is the naming of colors around 2:10, it just sounds so fantastic, everything really comes together in this track. This is one of the few songs that I feel like it was written to speak to me, its so beautiful, it just utterly captures the feel of the game, somewhat meloncholy, with a feeling of despair, but an underlying theme of hope reborn and determination.. its a song that just seems to scream into my soul, I love it. Sorry if it seems a little deep, but I've been writing papers all night and am still in college student mode.. but either way, thank you dj crono for an incredible song sean
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