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  1. It's been too long since my last Dale North fix. Hard to believe I've been obsessing over this guy's stuff for over a decade. Listening to this mix takes me back to the fields of Prontera in RO for some reason. Thanks for the upload, it's beautiful.
  2. That's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. That barracks settlement remix is awesome. Its mood is completely different, uplifting while still retaining that twinge of somberness from the original. Almost like they're trying to rebuild and populate that barren town in the desert. Downloaded. As for the ending song remix, I don't have enough technical knowledge to advise so take what I say with a grain. But because the source is so simple and after listening to what you have so far, just before it ends it feels like you should be going into an original arrangement there that uses the source as a base and keeps referring back to it as you add to it, if that makes any sense. I feel an urge for it to expand. I'm sure it's easier said than done but I'm just telling you what my mind is expecting to hear as that 01:48 mark approaches. Thanks for the links and your works.
  3. Doesn't that make it easier actually? I'd imagine it's harder to remix a song that's very complex without mutilating the source. I'm under the impression that remixers like to take these video game songs and add/remix them by adding their own personal touches from whatever inspiration they drew from the game or external sources. The simpler the source the simpler it would be to arrange and alter while still staying true to the original, right?
  4. Surprised there's not a single remix on this site for this niche gem. You'd think someone would want to be 1st for e-peen if nothing else. Game and music created solely by Kikiyama on RPGmaker 2003. Game itself takes place in the warped dreams of a girl suffering mighty terrible with no dialogue, just lots of vivid imagery, dreamscapes, and music to set the tone and left open to interpretation. Very surreal. http://www.theneitherworld.com/yumenikki/links.htm
  5. Thanks for sharing that. I've always loved this piece and to hear it with real brass is a treat. If I'm really lucky I'll hear it live and perfected before I die.
  6. Been listening to Fire Cross and In Her Self- Loathing and Despair she found Wrath for years now. Saved my life on the sleep deprived long drives to work and still keep them on my MP for the gym to this day. The Overclocked Plaid Muffins are now currently blowing my mind. I spit out my water in shock when I heard your vocal debut on Buffet.

    Much love for what you've done. Keep it up.

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