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  1. Ceracryst definitely seems like a promising mixer, I wanna see some more outta him.
  2. I think this gives out multiple feelings... The intro makes you feel pretty desolate, scared, alone, and whatnot. Then the soothing acoustic guitar line comes in. It brings you back up from the intro. And then the electric guitar comes in-which just accentuates the acoustic like nothing else. Like DJP said, this feels like it could be something taken from a Led Zeppelin song at times. I love how it fits together, but I just wish it could be a tad bit longer.
  3. This is great... So great in fact, that I've converted it all to guitar and bass, and my band is covering it. The initial synth line is now a tapping bass line, and all the synth solos are now guitar solos. This is my favorite OC Remix, bar none.
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