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  1. Hey mate! Totally sorry I missed your message! I don't frequently visit OCremix and don't use my steam account often :) If you're still interested, you can contact me on xfilth@gmail.com or on facebook.com/mattiasras


  2. Hey MattR! I have been trying to add you on steam as xfilth for a while now, and I don't know why I didn't think before trying that to pm you on here. Anyways, I really want to play Rebirth of Venus on my cello. I have absolutely no talent in arranging things by ear, however, so would really like to get my hands on the score/sheet music for it. I have played cello for about 7 years, but I guess that's not really relevant :P I hope to hear back from you soon, I've been wanting to play RoV on my cello since at least November.

  3. Thanks everyone for the heart-warming comments We have been working on arrangements of other Golden Sun themes as well and I will of course submit them when we get around to finish them! I pretty much agree with everything you said! The mix is not very stellar, but at the time (wow, has it really been almost 1½ year!?) it was the very best I could muster
  4. Thanks guys! And yeah, I can definitely see how it might stick too close to the original to be accepted
  5. This is my first video-game remix that I actually like myself and thus it's also the first I post here on OCR.org I hope you like it http://soundcloud.com/mattra-1/golden-sun-venus-lighthouse
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