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  1. I must confess... When I first listened to this song, I was like 'eh, too jaunty' and skipped track after about 10 seconds... A little later I decided to give it a second look and instantly fell in love with the entire track. The Danny Elfman homage is utterly clear and doesn't even try to hide itself, and for that, I love it. It seems to skip at first from something akin to Nightmare Before Christmas (which I love anyway despite my initial misgivings), before showing shades of Batman (which to be fair should have been honest given the title of the song. ). I really could see Gotham City in a snowstorm, throughout the first half. The whole thing sense shivers running up my spine and Stefan was right. The last 60 seconds are the best, and simultaneously the worst. Why the worst as well? Because the track is ENDING by then. Either way, the whole song builds in crashing waves, building up, sinking back again for a moment, before sudenly coming back up again even greater than before, finally reaching that dramatic crescendo, and yet still leaves me wanting more because of how incredible it is. One of the finest remixes I have EVER heard.
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