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  1. http://soundcloud.com/cubit 12 Original Tracks Bonus! : 2 rare-ish remixes from Super Castlevania IV and Final Fantasy VII ! It's always hard for me to explain what this music is, but I like to think I get a little better at it with practice. Here goes: Cubit is electronic music that derives stylistically from classical, rock, pop, techno, hiphop, and video game music, and is structured classically, like sonatas. I'm a classically-trained composer who likes a lot of different kinds of music, prefers to work with synthesizers, and avoids established electronic genres. I'm not promoting anything for sale. I just hope that a few people out there get enjoyment out of this work! Thank you!!
  2. Lots of music, some 'old', some new Hi OCR! I'm LastUnicron. You might remember me from such hits as Alisia Dragoon - Halls of Abandonment, and ... um, well that's probably it actually. I've just collected all of my originals together into an album under the name Cubit, and put it on last.fm. The problem is, I'm an almost totally unknown nobody, and therefore most of the auto-generated stuff on the artist page, like similar artists and top tracks, is currently random garbage! Now if you're interested, and only if you're interested, I'd like to invite you to have a listen to some of it on the album page. I have a theory that this might help the system to slowly figure out what the heck Cubit is. Maybe? This is what I think it is: classically structured, instrumental, electronic music that blends rock, techno, classical, and video-gameish elements; frequently but not always featuring piano as a lead instrument. I'd like to hear what you think of it? Thanks! EDIT: Well, shishkabob. It seems right now the in-page players only play 30-second previews, even though I turned on full-length previews for everything. Maybe they'll update later. In the meantime, you can still listen to the featured tracks, or download the mp3s.
  3. Dear god... finally. I've already remixed my #1 favorite vg tune of all time. I could never quite decide how to do my #2 favorite, which would be Magnet Man. One of the difficulties was that the original, no matter how cool, was very short. So you're automatically excused for the perfectly acceptable amount of repetition in this one. Anybody who is somehow magically unable to hear the variation that Disco Dan has wrung out of this, I regret to inform you that you are deaf, and it's all very sad for you. Seems like some people are too eager to piss on any work that fails to trick them into believing that the Second Coming of Christ has occurred. 'Course everybody's entitled to their opinions and all - and I feel equally entitled to wish them misfortune. So it isn't every day that a mix of one of my top 5 favorite songs ever appears, and I downloaded this with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. Now I'm listening to it, and smiling from ear to ear. This is fantastic, DD. There are a couple of places where the chords/slides are nothing short of gorgeous. I also love some of the echo/arp sections in the brokedown latter half - very pretty. The tempo, beat, and tone are of the only sort that I'd want to hear paired with this particular song. So I finally have a souped up Magnet Man to listen too, which I've always wanted - thanks man. Very nice job.
  4. Guys, this is one of the best things I've ever heard. I loved it back when it was a WIP, and now that it's finished it's even more impressive and enjoyable. Great mix.
  5. Thanks guys. Sorry to break in here, but I wanted to point out (as endblink just did) that Andywho312 = LastUnicron. But I'm betting that almost nobody who knows of me at all remembers me as the former.
  6. This mix is simply awesome. First, I always liked the music from this game, and it's great to hear a mix from an overlooked title. My favorite aspect of this mix is that the style and instruments (esp. the organ) preserve the feel of the original, while raising the depth and richness several notches. The funk style fits, and the funk guitar works well as a subtle extra. The lead-guitar sound and scales are excellent: reminds of the Transformers the Movie soundtrack at times. My favorite part though is the deeper distorted guitar sound - it adds depth and a hint of menace. The mix itself is high-quality, varied, and well produced. Well worth the download.
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