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  1. Any more word on how this is coming along? Still waiting with bated breath =x
  2. As I was googling things this morning, I came across this. Wondering what's going with it, as Secret of Mana was another of my favorite games (though not quite as much as Lufia xD).
  3. What's the word on this now? Waiting for it with bated breath
  4. Just wanted to make sure. Lufia 2's one of my all-time favorites for games and music, so I wouldn't want to miss out
  5. Any new news about this? Haven't heard anything in awhile =o
  6. Can't wait for this. Spring won't be here soon enough.
  7. Well, should he permit such an act, that would be fantastically awesome/
  8. What about whatever version he sent you that was incorporated into that preview? Granted I don't know much about the workings of the processes involved with remixing and the album and whatnot.
  9. Does that mean no more epic mountain song at all? =[
  10. I can't wait for the lufia 2 album, just wish it could magically come out sooner =[ Lufia 1, though, has some great music which I'd love to hear some remixes for.
  11. I'd still love to see some Lufia and the Fortress of Doom remixes if anyone is nice/awesome enough.
  12. Had no clue there was a Lufia 2 album coming. Any idea on the eta for it?
  13. I've been a huge fan of Lufia for most of my life, and i would love to see some more remixes. These would be among my top choices (were it my choice), but any of the songs would be fantastic to see, really. Thanks for taking the time to read this.