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  1. Holy COW this is catchy!! Amazing track! The latin/kpop mix is so good! Just love that light catchy drum beat in the verses! Also the vocals are the absolute best ever heard on OCR! Great job!!
  2. Wow, I was really touched by the song and your text on the state of the USA. A lot of people around the world are also saddened by what your country has become.. I hope you get to heal and go forward once again, as a nation.
  3. Happy birthday OCR!!!! I’ve been with you for 18 of those 20 years and that makes me feel really old lol! So old, that I have memories of going with my dad to get Lufia 2 for my birthday when it was brand new! The first Lufia i had rented so many times and I was highly anticipating the sequel. It became one of my top5 game of all-time!! The soundtrack was a big part of the reason I love this game so much. So it is an amazing gift to me that an album will be finally coming out on OCR! Yay!!
  4. Love the energy! Reminds me a lot of the kind of "orchestral rock" we got in the Gundam Wing OST!
  5. Totally agree that this sounds like electro-swing but a bit "trancier" LOOOVE both style, love this remix!!
  6. McVaffe (or I guess it's MkVaff now!) is by FAR my favorite Remixer! I now stand at 40 of his remixes in my iTunes! :P Another amazingly catchy remix as always! Good job!
  7. Holy COW this is great! Amazing work on this crazy request! I respect the real effort you put on this so much!! Downloaded and added to my iTunes ;) Can’t wait to blast this in my car at a red light this summer lol :P
  8. Holy s*** this is good!!! I've been liking Hylian Lemon a lot ever since his Essence of Lime album back in 2010 but now I think I'm just in love.. seriously one of my favorite artist on this planet, the guy knows how to groove and be funky and I need that in my life THANKS FOR SO MUCH AWESOME MUSIC!!!!
  9. .......WOW!!! This could have been SO corny and cheesy but amazingly EVERYTHING works!!! The vocals are totally credible for a 90s boys band, the rap is AMAZING, the solo is on point... I am floored!! This should be the official anthem of an 90's music comeback!! I will be blasting this in my car this summer thank you very much!!!
  10. Haha EXACTLY what I was thinking!! And sounding like Contra makes it an automatic add in my iTunes list
  11. Great remix of this amazing song! I, like so many others, have discovered this game back in the day, with the magic of emulators One of the very best SNES games, it is incredible to think this was never sold in the US and Canada...!! I've always loved this track and ALWAYS thought it felt SO much like an Earthbound song!!! Anyone also gets this impression when they hear it?? It feels like a "Mom I'm hooome" song
  12. The world DEFINITELY needs more Advance Wars remix (and games!) !!
  13. Wow I also love the story behind it and I am extremely happy to welcome Steve to OCR!! Also, I consider myself open to a lot more styles and genres than the average person, but even then, I never was able to appreciate bluegrass music that much. I don't know why exactly. So how surprised was I to adore this remix!! Good job Steve on making love a bluegrass song, now if someone could make me love country music too that's probably the only style left for me to learn to love
  14. As an old guy who is here since pretty much the beginning, I don't know if I count as knowing what's hip these days, but I do listen to mostly electronic music and this remix was an instant download! I LOVE it! The energy is just so powerful and makes me happy
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