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    Despite only just becoming a forum member, I've been having a love affair with OC Remix since I was at high school. Now I teach other people's kids at high school so... that's a long time! :D I'm a singer, so hit me up if you need vocals for anything. I'm afraid I can only sing in English though. Sorry bout that ;D
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  1. I have some free time coming up. Drop me a line if you need a singer. It'd be nice to do some collabs. I have two remixes on here with the awesome DJ Mystix. Check them out here... Throw "Claire Yaxley" into YouTube and you'll find lots more stuff. Mostly pop covers and a few live performances (I sing at pubs and weddings and, most recently, in the lunch hall at the school where I teach - hey, don't judge, those kids gave me a standing ovation!!)
  2. I'm not 18-25 (actually 29 next week!) but I am a singer.
  3. Well done matey! Another well crafted track. They always sound so professional! I'm adding this one to my mp3 as I want my baby to hear my singing way before she is born... that's right, I am pregnant! My first baby, a little girl, is due in September. I can't wait!! I need to do more singing so she can get used to it. Thank you for the nice comments about my vocals.
  4. I'm an English teacher so I like to think I'm not bad at doing lyrics ;D
  5. I am up for anything! a singing sense, of course...
  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments! I can't wait to get started on some remixes with you lovely people!
  7. Hey everyone! I'm a 26 year old singer from England, looking to do some recording for you fine folks if you will have me. I record covers a lot but have done some video game music too. Here is my cover of Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts: Mesden1's English version of Suteki da Ne: and Katayoku No Tori from Unimeko: (I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to rate/comment on my videos, and also to 'like' my Facebook page if you have time, thanking you kindly!! ) I also entered the Assassin's Creed contest but didn't win, clearly ;D But when I came over here around that time, people suggested that some of your remixers and producers might need female vocals for their projects, so here I am!
  8. Thanks to all who voted, I managed to cling on to the top 20. I'd also like to stick around for anyone who would like to use my voice in their projects.
  9. My name is Claire and I hail from the land of hope and glory - England! (whoop) I actually discovered OCR about 10 years ago, when I was still at high school. I was obsessed with video game music, particularly the 'pretty' arrangements, and used to make CDs for my best friend. It was like we had our own little club where we listened to music that no one else really appreciated, haha! Through downloading this 'pretty' music, I came across OCR. I seem to remember it being greener, though... I never joined the site cos I'm not a remixer, but since I've heard you guys might want singers for your arrangements, well... here I am! I've done a few video game covers - Isn't It Beautiful, Kiss Me Goodbye, Song of Memory and Melodies Of Life are all on Youtube (why yes, I do like Final Fantasy!!) so have a listen if you're interested... Isn't It Beautiful: Kiss Me Goodbye: Song of Memory: Melodies of Life: And I've entered the Assassin's Creed contest, which you can listen to here: (you also get to hear my lovely accent, haha!) More recently I have got into games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, which I find I'm enjoying a bit more than FF, but since I am a teacher I don't get much time to play games. This upsets me But I always, always find time for my singing. So yeah... hi
  10. Thank you! Well if anyone needs a vocalist I'd be happy to help. I've done a few covers... Mesden1 on YouTube asked me to do a cover of Isn't It Beautiful, which is here if you fancy a listen... But yeah, I'd love to help out anyone who needs a voice in their project
  11. Hey everyone! Um, I noticed pixietricks is in the Assassin's Creed theme song contest and is totally storming it (1600+ votes... wow!!!) so I wondered if I could be cheeky and request a few votes for myself since I don't think there's much danger of me taking the number 1 spot, hahaha I thought I better say though, that I'm not a total randomer just begging for votes. I've actually been downloading OC Remixes for a while, but when you can sing and can't play instruments or remix that kinda means you fail if you want to remix a video game theme ;D However I have been appreciating your music and have been a fan of this site for a long time. As an FF fan I've particularly enjoyed remixes from those games. I also made Final Fantasy VII: The Movie on YouTube and used the intro theme by zircon... which I uh, perhaps ought to ask permission for I did credit it in the video description though, I hope that's okay!! So yeah, if I could perhaps have a few votes to simply stay in the top 20 (or better yet, the top 10, whooo! ;D ) then it'd really mean a lot. Even if I don't get picked, it'd be a dream come true for Hans Zimmer to listen to me. You never know, if I'm unsuitable for ACR then maybe he has another project in mind I'd be good for? Anyway!! I've babbled. I'm told I do that. Here's the link if you'd like to vote. Thank you!